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    Asean must engage with US, China

    Oped, Kavi Chongkittavorn, Published on 18/05/2021

    » On 24 April at the Asean Leaders' Meeting in Jakarta, the Asean chair, Sultan Hassan Bolkiah, instructed foreign ministers to hold special meetings with the US and China as soon as possible to further strengthen Asean centrality and unity with these most important dialogue partners. It was rather an unusual instruction as Asean had already planned to hold a post-ministerial meeting with Washington and Beijing in August.


    Dark Myanmar forces

    Oped, Postbag, Published on 15/05/2021

    » Re: "Backsliding by Myanmar," (Editorial, May 14).


    Rakhine engagement must be based on facts

    Oped, Published on 15/05/2021

    » The Asean special summit on Myanmar's crisis in Jakarta on April 24 led to a five-point consensus that has received considerable international attention. But another important paragraph in the summit statement has largely been overlooked.


    Covid's effects on our kids

    Oped, Editorial, Published on 15/05/2021

    » The Covid-19 pandemic presents great challenges for policy makers who are trying to come up with policies to help people adjust to the "new normal". As the Thai government races against time to roll out its Covid vaccinations and provide financial packages to reduce the blow to the economy, one issue that continues to be ignored is the development of our children.


    Covid heat building up for government

    Oped, Wasant Techawongtham, Published on 15/05/2021

    » The explosive spread of Covid-19 in Bangkok's prisons came to light only a few days ago. It was the latest indication of what has gone wrong with the government's latest handlings of the pandemic.


    Market passes virus test, but many folk don't

    Oped, Anucha Charoenpo, Published on 15/05/2021

    » Normally, I would be upset at being banned from entering the fresh market in my community.


    Regional vaccine approach is imperative

    Oped, Thitinan Pongsudhirak, Published on 14/05/2021

    » As vaccine diplomacy thrives and vaccine nationalism rears its head, it has become clear that the ideal global solution to the collective action problem of the coronavirus pandemic is for all countries to put their eggs in the same basket. If all countries are forced to rely on the global vaccine alliances' and the World Health Organization's Covid-19 Global Vaccines Access (Covax) plan, whereby any vaccine for one means an available antidote for all, the post-pandemic recovery would arrive faster and smoother with more promising prospects. But short of the ideal solution, the global health system is largely based on self-help, each country mapping its own plan for recovery with a mix of procurement strategies.


    Backsliding by Myanmar

    Oped, Editorial, Published on 14/05/2021

    » Just weeks after the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) revealed to the world its "breakthrough" on the Myanmar crisis at a special summit in Jakarta on April 24, the grouping is more or less back to square one.


    Lampang leads pack

    Oped, Postbag, Published on 14/05/2021

    » Re: "Up close in Lampang: the power of persuasion", (BP, May 12).


    Objective allies: Netanyahu and Hamas militants

    Oped, Gwynne Dyer, Published on 14/05/2021

    » 'Objective allies' generally don't even talk to each other. They don't have common values, their ultimate goals may be completely incompatible, they often hate each other. But they share some intermediate goal, and are clever enough to realise they can both get what they want by acting together in certain ways.

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