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    RCEP talks shouldn't leave India out

    News, Kavi Chongkittavorn, Published on 19/05/2020

    » The Covid-19 pandemic has ravaged countries around the world over the past three months and India, the world's largest democracy with 1.4 billion people, has been among the hardest hit. Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave his people just four hours advance notice of the mandatory lockdown on March 24, a measure that continues today and which has caused massive hardship. Worse still, it has directly impacted India's overall economic performance, with serious repercussions on its perceived global leadership role.


    Repatriation of Thais needs ramping up

    Oped, Kavi Chongkittavorn, Published on 12/05/2020

    » In recent weeks, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has accelerated efforts to bring Thai citizens stranded overseas back home. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, the one issue that has tarnished the Thai government's positive image both inside and outside the country has been the stringent measures adopted by the Prayut administration with regard to the repatriation of Thais stuck overseas.


    Watershed Thai media moment?

    News, Kavi Chongkittavorn, Published on 28/04/2020

    » A sea change in media-government relations stemming from the daily press briefings on the Covid-19 situation has been one huge side effect of the pandemic. Apart from wearing face masks and social distancing, is this the new normal for Thai media?


    Kudos to Thai Covid-19 fighters

    News, Kavi Chongkittavorn, Published on 21/04/2020

    » In the 99 days since Covid-19 hit Thailand, the Prayut Chan-o-cha government has adjusted its handling of the pandemic. For the first 58 days, Gen Prayut continued to behave like a busboy in a local restaurant, trying to do everything from welcoming guests to serving food and cleaning tables.


    Covid Catch-22: Saving lives or rights?

    News, Kavi Chongkittavorn, Published on 07/04/2020

    » Faced with the Covid-19 pandemic, several countries have given special powers to their leaders, regardless of the political system in place, to ensure that they can manage and fight the virus efficiently and in a timely manner. There is a high level of anxiety and fear, however, that these special powers, once granted, will be misused in the name of fighting the pandemic. Worse still, in certain countries there is a strong possibility that the special powers might continue and subsequently become a permanent feature in the months and years to come.


    Imagining a post-coronavirus world

    Oped, Kavi Chongkittavorn, Published on 31/03/2020

    » Prior to the World Health Organization categorising the Covid-19 outbreak as a global pandemic, nobody would have imagined that the most of the world would be in lockdown as it is today, with over one billion people forced to stop doing their daily routines as they are advised to stay at home to avoid contracting and/or spreading the virus. To survive, each affected country, big or small, will have to use whatever skills and resources they have to fight this common enemy.


    Covid-19: Asean must act more boldly

    News, Kavi Chongkittavorn, Published on 24/03/2020

    » The past 12 weeks have displayed Asean's strengths and exposed weaknesses when the grouping has had to respond to an unprecedented common catastrophic crisis, the coronavirus pandemic.


    Communication key to fighting virus

    Oped, Kavi Chongkittavorn, Published on 18/03/2020

    » Covid-19 has already claimed its biggest victim in Thailand -- the government itself. Since the outbreak began 10 weeks ago, the Prayut Chan-o-cha government has displayed varying degrees of complacency and incompetence. Worse still, the prime minister seems to lack the understanding that in times of crisis, the country needs a clear direction.


    Thailand must take virus fight abroad

    News, Kavi Chongkittavorn, Published on 10/03/2020

    » As the new virus known as Covid-19 spreads throughout the world, the headlines are focused on China, Europe, the US, Japan and South Korea. Beyond Thailand, Southeast Asia rarely gets a mention, even though our region is struggling to contain the deadly disease, too.


    What might have been at Vegas summit

    News, Kavi Chongkittavorn, Published on 03/03/2020

    » The Asean officials preparing for the March 14 special Asean-US Summit were greatly relieved when the White House announced on Friday that the Las Vegas rendezvous would be postponed due to Covid-19 fears. Indeed, with exactly two weeks to go before the event, the Asean side was still wondering what the "deliverable milestones" of their summit were likely to be.

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