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    Humanitarian catastrophe on the Salween River

    Oped, Pianporn Deetes, Published on 19/06/2021

    » 'I can't figure it out. Thai officials told us to leave and [we'll] probably have to end up living in the forest. We need to squeeze ourselves among the cracks of the ravines to keep ourselves safe from airstrikes by the Myanmar army," Naw Lay Bue, a Karen housewife with her three-month-old baby in her arms, told me in an interview in March, a few days after she and other villagers fled to Thailand following air raids launched by the Myanmar army in Karen State.


    Karen key to Unesco dream

    Oped, Editorial, Published on 19/06/2021

    » Next month, Thai delegates will chance their arm again at securing Unesco World Heritage site status for the scandal ridden Kaeng Krachan National Park.


    Keep goading FAD

    Oped, Postbag, Published on 19/06/2021

    » I realise you can't publish a letter full of photographs, but I'm submitting this in the hope that you will continue goading the Fine Arts Department (FAD) into upping its game when it comes to preserving the kingdom's Heritage.


    Will Prayut call a snap election soon?

    Oped, Chairith Yonpiam, Published on 19/06/2021

    » With vaccination success in sight, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha could be planning to take political advantage, dissolving parliament and calling a snap election.


    What Thais can learn from Korean culture

    Oped, Sirinya Wattanasukchai, Published on 18/06/2021

    » Despite their huge popularity, I've always held off from watching Korean TV series. But being forced into home hiatus during the Covid-19 pandemic, I found myself glued to the set watching Hospital Playlist and Live Up To Your Name -- two Korean TV hits.


    An Olympic-sized Covid-19 risk

    Oped, Published on 18/06/2021

    » In 2020, Asia -- especially East Asia -- was often touted as a model of effective pandemic response. While Western countries endured harsh lockdowns and soaring infection and death rates, Asian countries largely kept the coronavirus under control. But the tables have turned, with East Asia now lagging far behind the United States and Europe on vaccinations. This does not bode well for this summer's Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo.


    When the Streetlights Go On

    Guru, Pornchai Sereemongkonpol, Published on 18/06/2021

    » Lampposts have posed a lot of questions since last week. If you've been around Thailand, you're bound to spot fancy lampposts that are equipped with sculptures at the top. These sculptures represent something unique about their locality like what a province is known for or simply are mythical creatures. They are nothing new in Thailand but become the new talk of Thai town after people raise questions, rightfully so, about their costs and necessity. Some suspect good old corruption and collusion between local govt officials and the contractors who built them. They are paid for by the taxpayers' money, after all.


    Devil always wins

    Oped, Postbag, Published on 18/06/2021

    » Re: "Suu Kyi's sedition trial set to begin", (BP, June 16).


    China's way with a divided, inert Asean

    Oped, Thitinan Pongsudhirak, Published on 18/06/2021

    » The recent Asean-China foreign ministers' meeting early this month in Chongqing was crucial for its timing and circumstances. Co-chaired by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Philippine Foreign Secretary Teodoro Locsin, it was the first "in-person" meeting among foreign ministers of both sides since the Covid-19 period began early last year.


    Reopening too quickly?

    Oped, Editorial, Published on 18/06/2021

    » The plan for a speedy reopening of the country, as targeted by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, represents a major challenge, not only for the government but for all Thais.

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