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    They still should have consulted us first

    News, Published on 21/01/2012

    » Re: ''Importance of travel alerts'' (BP, Editorial, Jan 17).


    Migration in 2012: challenging ingrained impunity

    News, Andy Hall, Published on 21/01/2012

    » At cabinet meetings during Thailand's floods, migration was absent from the political agenda. No specific response was apparently required. Officials reported no "host agency" and neither the Labour, Interior nor Foreign ministries assumed direct responsibility. Law enforcement agencies monitor migrants closely and surely knew how the floods impacted on them, however.


    Deserving of top honours

    News, Kong Rithdee, Published on 21/01/2012

    » On screen and in headlines, Iran the provocateur du jour, is causing a stir. As Israel fumes, as Bibi Netanyahu ponders a pre-emptive strike, as the US watches with hawk-eyed severity over Teheran's nuclear ambition, and as an alleged Iran-backed Hezbollah rabble-rouser was arrested in Bangkok and a spectacular arsenal of bomb materials uncovered - as the quivers in Hormuz Strait are felt throughout Earth, an Iranian film cruised past contenders to win the Golden Globe. Worldwide punters now believe A Separation will become the first Iranian title to win the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. Never mind the sanctions, an Iran-scripted drama has had Hollywood (and Washington) in thrall. So catch it now: A Separation is showing on one screen in Bangkok, at House RCA (I hope it'll stay there for a few more weeks.) It won't give you a crash course on the latest nuclear grumble; the politics of the film is smaller in scope yet larger in humanity, for it concerns class, marriage, religiosity, and the heart-aching struggle to uphold justice in the court of God and by the rule of law. At the centre, the film is about a separation of a couple, called Nader and Simin, but at heart this is a complex drama of moral quandaries that inflict bourgeoise Teheranians and speak of other kinds of seperation, physical and spiritual, visible and clandestine, in a society heaving with pride, prejudice and doubt. In short, it's closer to home than the belligerent rhetoric of the nuclear war.


    Students of English in for 'fly lice' all year?

    News, Arglit Boonyai, Published on 21/01/2012

    » 'I'm not comfortable speaking English. I don't speak English in my daily life, so outside of the classroom it makes me feel uncomfortable to speak it."

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    Clearing the decks for more debt

    News, Kamol Hengkietisak, Published on 21/01/2012

    » The Pheu Thai-led government is embarking on massive borrowing to rehabilitate infrastructure damaged by last year's floods, at the possible cost to fiscal stability, Post Today said.

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    Suchart plays numbers game

    News, Published on 21/01/2012

    » Some eyebrows were raised when Suchart Thada-Thamrongvech's name came up as a potential education minister before the cabinet reshuffle was officially announced on Wednesday.

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    Community ready to fight

    News, Supoj Wancharoen, Published on 21/01/2012

    » The prospect of having to be evicted from their homes to make way for an expressway ramp has haunted people in the historic Ban Khrua Muslim community for more than two decades.

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    Serving a dish of man's best friend

    News, Published on 21/01/2012

    » Consumption of dog meat is tied to traditional beliefs and old habits despite being a social taboo in many areas of Thailand.

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    Intriguing weekend as old foes meet again

    Sports, Steve McMahon, Published on 21/01/2012

    » This weekend has all the ingredients for an enthralling feast of football - with all eyes fixed on both the Emirates and Etihad Stadiums.

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    Time for Thai pride after terrible King's Cup showing

    Sports, Tor Chittinand, Published on 21/01/2012

    » Thailand will try to beat Denmark tonight in order to salvage some pride in the last game at the 41st King's Cup tournament.

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