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    Glide and clean the room

    Life, Komsan John Jandamit, Published on 21/07/2021

    » Dyson has been coming up with new versions of their vacuum cleaner every few years, adding new features and functions along the way. For 2021, they have built a cordless compact vacuum that suits small rooms and condominiums.

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    Don't get caught out on camera

    Life, James Hein, Published on 21/07/2021

    » - In the new Covid world, office workers are now regularly in meetings from home. Many of these meetings these days now also include a video feed. The first thing others in the call do when someone pops up, is to check the background and immediately zoom in, mentally or physically, on anything that seems out of place in the background. Last night's dishes, haphazardly discarded clothing and even a pot plant seemingly out of place will be the object of interest. Some use a green screen behind them and have an image placed on that by software.

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    'Super Mario' cartridge sold for video game record $1.5 million

    AFP, Published on 12/07/2021

    » WASHINGTON: A cartridge of Nintendo's classic video game "Super Mario 64" set a world record Sunday, selling at auction for $1.56 million.

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    Smart foam material gives robots ability to self-repair

    Business, Published on 07/07/2021

    » SINGAPORE: Singapore researchers have developed a smart foam material that allows robots to sense nearby objects, and repairs itself when damaged, just like human skin.

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    The cloud calls, banks don't hear

    Life, James Hein, Published on 07/07/2021

    » Is the industry rushing too quickly into the clouds? Cloud computing has been expanding steadily over the past few years and is starting to dominate as the primary platform for many organisations. Providers love it because it allows them to charge a service-based fee instead of a once-off payment for a product. There are rumours that Microsoft through Windows 11 will push to have a similar approach for their next version.

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    Chip power

    Guru, Eric E Surbano, Published on 02/07/2021

    » The new iPad Pro may not look new on the surface but Apple has long been vocal about this new tablet's under-the-hood specialty: the M1 Chip, the same chip found in the 13-in MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Mini. The prospect of a tablet armed with a chip that's running MacBooks definitely piques interest to say the least, but the question is whether it's all it's made out to be.

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    TikTok bumps up video length to 3 minutes

    AFP, Published on 02/07/2021

    » SAN FRANCISCO: TikTok on Thursday began letting users post videos up to three minutes in length, tripling the prior cap to stay ahead of competitors.

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    Twitter stars to dabble with getting fans to pay

    AFP, Published on 23/06/2021

    » SAN FRANCISCO: Twitter announced Tuesday that a small flock of high-flying tweeters in the United States will get to test a feature letting fans pay for special access to online content.

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    Apple takes on Covid darling Zoom with iOS 15

    Business, Published on 09/06/2021

    » Apple Inc has previewed its next-generation iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV and Mac operating systems, adding a slew of new privacy, health, smart-home, messaging, maps and digital wallet features.

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    Designer creates 'Third Eye' for 'phone zombies'

    Life, Published on 09/06/2021

    » A South Korean industrial designer has come up with a satirical solution for "smartphone zombies" who can't take their eyes away from their screen long enough to stop themselves walking into a wall or other obstacle.

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