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    Warrior without honour

    Guru, Eric E Surbano, Published on 31/07/2020

    » There's no scarcity of hack-and-slash games around nor are stealth games lacking in the current video game landscape. The way these games work are formulaic, from the likes of button-mashing games like God Of War or something like the current iterations of Assassin's Creed that have reworked the combat system but still had that iconic stealth gameplay. Ghost Of Tsushima definitely borrows and relies on these formulas, but the result isn't another generic sword-fighting, open-world, sneak-around game. Instead, what we get is quite possibly the first Akira Kurosawa-like video game we've all been waiting for.

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    Huawei facing tough time outside China

    Life, James Hein, Published on 29/07/2020

    » China, and in particular Huawei, is not winning these days. Huawei has some excellent hardware. Their latest phones are as good in many aspects as any other manufacturer. However, the fuzzy area is the company's links to the Chinese government. Huawei claims they are not directly linked to the government but many others say there are direct and nefarious links. Huawei recently lost their foothold in the United Kingdom as their 5G network has been disallowed or marginalised for the future. This leaves only Canada as part of the five eyes intelligence partners still supporting Huawei 5G. Other nations have also been hesitant to adopt the technology.

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    TikTok gave rural Indian women fame, fun and more

    AFP, Published on 22/07/2020

    » NEW DELHI: When India banned TikTok, it closed a window to the wider world for legions of women outside the big cities that provided fun, fame and even fortune.

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    Everyday luxury

    Life, Komsan John Jandamit, Published on 22/07/2020

    » I am impressed how this gun-like mobile vacuum cleaner shortens my housecleaning time by more than 20%. But is it worth 16,000 baht? That depends on how much money you have in the bank and how clean you want your place to be.

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    Small but powerful

    Life, Komsan John Jandamit, Published on 15/07/2020

    » Over the past year, I've been using my notebook computer as my primary device for nearly all computing tasks (also using a docking station for more heavy-duty tasks), however, after trying Lenovo's home-router-sized computer for about two weeks, I know what I've been missing: speed, connectivity and an organised desk.

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    Fujitsu in first big WFH move

    Life, James Hein, Published on 15/07/2020

    » - As predicted, Fujitsu provided a great example when it announced the permanent closure of half of its office real estate in Japan. They will instead have 80,000 workers working from home permanently. This is a huge redefinition of work culture in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak. Called the "Work Life Shift" campaign, Fujitsu is to study data on how employees use offices, with a view to giving them more tools and options to work from home, at hubs or be more mobile. This will end the habit of employees commuting to and from offices. It also indicates the allowance of a higher degree of autonomy based on the principle of trust, Fujitsu announced.

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    Edit your apps

    Life, James Hein, Published on 01/07/2020

    » - I've never been a Twitter user as I find that platform full of bullies and one-sided, poorly researched commentary. By comparison I am now active on Parler, which is a similar platform, but is not restricted to only those ideas that Twitter supports. It is populated by people whose ideas I enjoy reading. If you are bored with the Twits on Twitter then come on over to Parler as an alternative.

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    Beauty in brutality

    Guru, Eric E Surbano, Published on 26/06/2020

    » The Last of Us was a groundbreaking game that took players through an emotional story with nail-biting tension due to trying to sneak around undetected and also having a number of good scares provided by the zombie-like creatures known simply as the Infected. In fact, the game was so good that Neil Druckmann, the game's director, ­admitted that he was wary of making a sequel. Obviously, they figured out a way to continue the story and make another game that would hopefully satisfy players worldwide. But does it?

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    Google tightens privacy settings for new users

    AFP, Published on 25/06/2020

    » SAN FRANCISCO: Google has begun auto-deleting new users' search data and location history on a rolling 18-month basis, CEO Sundar Pichai announced, as the tech giant moves to tighten privacy settings.

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    Apple-made chips coming to Macs

    Business, Published on 24/06/2020

    » SAN FRANCISCO: Apple Inc said Monday it would build its own chips to power its Mac computers to create a "common architecture" that allows the devices to run the same apps as those on the iPhone and iPad.

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