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    Outbreak 'reviving stereotypes'

    News, Thana Boonlert, Published on 20/02/2020

    » The discrimination faced by Thais abroad during the novel coronavirus outbreak shows how growing public anxiety can revive long-standing tensions and negative stereotypes about Chinese, an expert said.

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    Handout could see 20m apply

    News, Chairith Yonpiam, Published on 30/03/2020

    » More than 17.2 million people have applied for the 5,000-baht financial aid granted by the government to ease the impact of the Covid-19, according to Fiscal Policy Office director Lavaron Saengsanit.

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    Fate is in our hands

    News, Postbag, Published on 27/03/2020

    » Re: "Govt to invoke emergency rule", (BP, March 25). The government has absolute power but it still lacks a clear and comprehensive strategy besides implementing a lockdown. We should follow South Korea, as "(it's) one of only two countries with large outbreaks, alongside China, to flatten the curve of new infections.

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    Three investment themes for February

    Business, Published on 08/02/2020

    » In January, the Thai equity market was buffeted by several negative factors. The spread of the coronavirus drove the SET index sharply lower to finish the month at 1.514.14 points.

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    Wild style

    Life, Suwitcha Chaiyong, Published on 23/03/2020

    » The human body has an incredible design. Female natural body lines, gorgeous shapes and aesthetic forms have been brought into classic and elegant visuals by exceptional photographer Sylvie Blum at the photo exhibition "Naked Beauty" at the Museum of Contemporary Art (Moca Bangkok). This is the first exhibition in Asia that displays more than 100 images taken by Blum, including original prints from her "Naked Beauty Series", her world-famous "Big Cat Series" and her "Animal Series" as well as 200 images showing her very own diary over the past 20 years.

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    Uniquely Thai Logic

    Guru, Pornchai Sereemongkonpol, Published on 17/01/2020

    » A school in Pathum Thani was recently exposed for having the controversial policy of gauging the loudness of students singing the national anthem. They were so serious about it that they divided the students into three categories, based on how loud they are: green, yellow and red. If a student is given green, then they pass. Yellow means they have to sing it twice. Red means they have to sing it thrice. WTF, you ask? This idea is supposed to measure how much students love Thailand. The louder they sing, the more patriotic they are. Simple logic. Of course, the school scrapped this unnecessary practice after receiving overwhelmingly negative feedback from the public. Simple logic, too.

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    Mass testing best

    News, Postbag, Published on 21/03/2020

    » The most effective and cheapest way of controlling the Covid-19 pandemic will be to conduct mass testing of the population, as urged by eminent French infectious diseases expert Dr Didier Raoult. He has pointed out that cheaply mass produced testing equipment is already available and is being used effectively in South Korea. Countries, including Thailand, should build up this mass testing capability as fast as it can and test as many people as possible. That way it will be possible to isolate only those who test positive and it also makes it possible to treat those who start showing symptoms early which boosts the chance of a favourable outcome for them. This will be far more effective than locking down entire populations of people who are not infected and causing a massive economic dislocation in the process. In Thailand's case, it may cost US$325 million (10.5 billion baht) to test the entire population, but that would be a drop in the bucket compared to the $8 billion cost of a 5% decline in GDP.

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    The poor can't afford to self-quarantine

    News, Anchalee Kongrut, Published on 19/03/2020

    » Pun is a Grab taxi driver working in Surat Thani province. On March 11, he was called to pick up a male passenger from a hotel and drive him to a hospital in the province, and then drive him back.

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    Europe tightens curbs with economic toll worsening: Virus update

    Published on 17/03/2020

    » Governments in Europe tightened curbs on free movement to stem the outbreak and are exploring ways to ease the financial impact. US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is rallying Senate Republicans to quickly pass the House package of economic measures. Goldman Sachs Group now expects China’s economy to contract by 9% in the first quarter and Hong Kong’s jobless rate rose to a nine-year high. The Philippines became the first country to shut its markets in response to the widening coronavirus outbreak and some regulators in Europe banned short selling. US equity futures and European stocks reversed gains.

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    A viral wake-up call

    Business, Published on 09/03/2020

    » Managing a virus epidemic can be a daunting task for any administration, but inefficiency by the government for its perceived failure to contain the coronavirus outbreak in Thailand has drawn waves of criticism both online and offline.

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