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    NFTs attempt a comeback

    Published on 27/02/2024

    » NFTs — which went from being touted as the cutting edge of the digital frontier to the punchline for the most recent crypto bust — are suddenly staging an unlikely comeback.

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    Tech-led rally lifting equities worldwide

    Business, Published on 24/02/2024

    » RECAP: Most Asian equity markets gained for a second day on Friday, as a global rally led by technology stocks pushed markets from the US to Europe and Japan to all-time highs.

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    Guru's Weekly Buzz: Feb 23-29

    Guru, Published on 23/02/2024

    » Guru by Bangkok Post's pick of the most exciting products, activities, food and travel to indulge in.

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    YGG aims to power up

    Business, Suchit Leesa-nguansuk, Published on 17/02/2024

    » Production studio Yggdrazil Group (YGG), known for its popular Home Sweet Home action-horror game, aims to become a SET100 company in the near future and an internationally recognised digital content creator and distributor.

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    Heirlooms of Elegance: HRH Princess Sirivannavari's High Jewellery Masterpiece

    Published on 25/12/2023

    » In the spirit of the 2023 Festive and Holiday season, a remarkable collaboration between SIRIVANNAVARI, led by HRH Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana Rajakanya as the Creative Director, and Beauty Gems, a prominent jewellery brand in Thailand, has given birth to the exquisite "Heirlooms of Elegance" collection, marking the third chapter in the realm of High Jewellery. Melding diverse expertise, this collection reinterprets brand codes and cherished memories with the meticulous craftsmanship of master jewellers.

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    Asian shares fall as Fed talks tough on rates

    Business, Published on 11/11/2023

    » RECAP: Shares in Asia fell yesterday after the head of the US Federal Reserve warned interest rates may have to climb further, stunting a rally in stocks and bonds and sending investors back to the dollar.

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    Blue by Alain Ducasse Triumphs with Three Prestigious Awards

    Published on 03/11/2023

    » The Michelin-starred French fine-dining restaurant, Blue by Alain Ducasse at ICONSIAM in Bangkok, has earned three prestigious accolades from Thailand’s Favourite Restaurants 2023, solidifying its place among the top three most recognised restaurants in the country. Executive Chef Wilfrid Hoquet received the coveted 'Chef of the Year' award, while Blue by Alain Ducasse was named 'Thailand's Best,' and General Manager Giovanni Pitton was honoured with the 'Excellence in Service' award.

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    Theatre festival brings a fairy tale to life

    Life, Published on 01/11/2023

    » An unlikely fairy tale about a princess on her journey to the edge of the universe and a lost prince will be presented through a stage reading at RCB Forum, 2nd floor of River City Bangkok, Charoen Krung 24, on Saturday and Sunday, and on Nov 11 and 12 at 1pm and 6pm.

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    Enjoy the art of almost doing nothing

    Guru, Nianne-Lynn Hendricks, Published on 18/09/2023

    » The Maldives is more than just one resort per atoll, sun, sand and clear air. It’s a state of mind and will always hold a special place in my heart. Going back once a year is enough to remind me of the beauty of the planet, especially the ocean. Enter Mirihi, a resort in the south of the Maldives, closer to Madagascar than Asia.

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    Life elsewhere will someday be possible

    Gwynne Dyer, Published on 17/09/2023

    » This week's real news is the discovery of life on another planet. As Cambridge University's Nikku Madhusudhan said in the first sentence of his report: "The search for habitable environments and biomarkers in exoplanetary atmospheres is the holy grail of exoplanet science." And he has probably found the Holy Grail.

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