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    Fare isn't fair

    Life, Suwitcha Chaiyong, Published on 14/05/2019

    » Bangkok's buses are known to offer a Fast And Furious kind of ride. Years ago, the No.8 was voted worst in the city in the Transport Ministry's Facebook survey, due to the horrible experience. Despite a sudden change in driver and conductor behaviour after the survey was released, many public buses are still notorious for their impolite and inefficient services, as well as poor facilities, among many other things.


    Calling all inventors

    Life, Suwitcha Chaiyong, Published on 09/05/2019

    » For inventors and creators looking for creative inspiration as well as those looking for a space to share ideas, Maker Jam is a not-to-be-missed event.


    A better Korean option

    Life, Suwitcha Chaiyong, Published on 06/05/2019

    » South Korea is one of the most popular destinations for Thais -- both tourists and illegal workers. According to the Ministry of Labour, there are 165,854 Thais living in South Korea, 143,169 of them illegally. Such a large number of illegal workers has caused Korean immigration officers to strictly screen Thai visitors. On April 20, a Facebook user shared a post saying that only five Thai passengers from a low-cost flight could get through Seoul, while the rest were detained for deportation. On the post, many comments blamed illegal workers for causing trouble for those attempting to travel legitimately. An unlawful worker defended himself by saying others didn't have sympathy for his poverty.


    Change is in the air

    Life, Suwitcha Chaiyong, Published on 06/05/2019

    » If the news these days is anything to go by, the PM2.5 crisis appears to have subsided. And yet, the air-quality monitoring app AirVisual says otherwise. While Bangkok's air-quality index has certainly improved, other provinces such as Nakhon Ratchasima and Chiang Mai are still suffering.


    Time for T

    Brunch, Suwitcha Chaiyong, Published on 28/04/2019

    » Despite the language barrier, most Thai pop stars dream of being recognised on the international stage. Some have made inroads. Pop rock outfit Slot Machine released an album of English-language songs, which helped get them on the international music festival circuit. Thai-German pop idol Jannine "Ploychompoo" Weigel has built up a significant fan base online with the help of a number of songs in English; she currently has more than 3.3 million followers on YouTube. Thanwa "The Toys" Boonsoongnern caught the eye of Korean fans with his performance at the 2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards in South Korea. Last month, the 23-year-old was back in Seoul for a fan meeting.


    The mind killer

    Life, Suwitcha Chaiyong, Published on 23/04/2019

    » Almost every morning, Sorn* wakes up to her parents' fierce arguments over the current political situation. When she decides to take refuge on social network, what she finds is the same kind of frustration, with netizens harshly criticising the party that recently won Sorn's vote.


    Dance me to the end of love

    Suwitcha Chaiyong, Published on 12/04/2019

    » BTS bow out with a Bangkok spectacular.


    Man of the moment

    Suwitcha Chaiyong, Published on 06/04/2019

    » Due to the fierce competition in K-pop, many quality acts get overlooked because they aren’t with a big label. Thankfully, the TV talent competition Produce 101 gives opportunities to aspiring singers still waiting to be discovered.


    Myanmar horror film hits Thai cinemas

    Life, Suwitcha Chaiyong, Published on 03/04/2019

    » Like their Thai counterparts, people in Myanmar believe in ghosts. A blockbuster Myanmar movie titled The Only Mom, inspired by their belief in spirits, will be released exclusively in SF cinemas on Thursday.


    By your side

    Suwitcha Chaiyong, Published on 29/03/2019

    » Another K-pop kid hits Bangkok

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