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    Does thai society accept intermarriages?

    By Anonymous, Created on: 19/09/2003, Last updated on: 09/05/2006

    » The thai men that are undesirable are usually uneducated ones who try to get through life by being sleazy. This is why alot of thai women are turned off by marrying a thai man. Typical thai males are fairly unambitious, narrow-minded, and judgemental. I think that its the society that is teaching...

    • Anonymous commented : This topic is highly debatable and has really taken alot of twists and turns from our forum members and I do enjoy the different perspectives coming from digressive points of views. Veering off from the educational opportunities and other rigid restrictions weigning down on Thai men, I can think of one more very disturbing characteristic that turn off foreign women, and thai alike. The rampant explosion of gay population in the thai community is alarming. We are not talking about the tusually talented or respectable gay men of the West, but the 'katoeys' or gay queens of the thai male population. 'Coming out of the closet has never been a more dynamic event as that of thai society in the past couple of years. Even the media is seen portraying thai 'kotoeys' as super athletic 'sport freak' in the volleyball movie hit that *gasps* is popular enough to have sequals! Even in thai movies, shows ans soap operas, it is not unusual to have queer characters who are neither men nor women, yet quite assertive in an entirely different sort of genre. Too often, they are portrayed as the deeply emotional character, the ridicously farcical and buffoon character, or the yak that is outspoken to the point of abrasiveness. The point I'm trying to make is that thai male masculity is very tough to exert these days when there are all these queer creatures in thai society allowed to go on a rampant, with the help of a highly dysfunctional media sector. These portrayals are deeply engraining to the vulnerbale female population that hasn't even the slightest clue of what their male counterparts are getting into.. How could we blame them?

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    Understanding the American ways

    By Anonymous, Created on: 16/10/2004, Last updated on: 28/03/2007

    » I am a Thai lady who left Bangkok at the age of 20, lived in Singapore for 11 years before residing now in the US for the past 4 years. I lived in California for the first year & a half and now I live in Boise, Idaho. Determine to upgrade myself educationally, I enrolled for classes at the local...

    • Anonymous commented : My schedule has been so tight that I didn't have time to response to any messages. Thank you Rooster for your input. As much as I feel a little more at home in Southern or Northern part of CA, I wouldn't wish to go back and live there. I prefer a place that is not congested and close to nature & it wouldn't bother me if I have to work in a small hospital setting. Pardon my ignorance, I would appreciate it if you could explain to me more about Thai health care system. I have absolutely no clue. I did have a thought about going back to Thailand, but honestly I'm not sure if I can deal with the traffic and pollution. It will also be a big decision for my husband as far as his career goes. In response to Adam's message, I can appreciate exactly where you are coming from. There is this saying "when you're in Rome, act like the Roman do" and frankly i've been trying. Anyway I'm sorry if I didn't explain myself clearly. I do not expect the American to try to learn about my culture and what I said was merely an example of what I have experienced so far and I was trying to analyse and find out why? Each culture has certain clue as to how you will behave or say. I can say for certain what Thai will think, but I can't say I know exactly what American will think. There was a time I was confused if I was being rude when giving a person an advice. I wasn't trying to teach a person but I just showed her another way of doing things and of course I was very careful about the way I put it. You see! for me giving someone's advice is a way of showing that I care and wanted only the best for the person. Somehow I sensed that I was doing the wrong thing. My husband thought i should mind my own business which I later did. I feel American won't tell you if what you have said or done is considered rude in their culture because I believe they think it will upset a person, but this is a problem for me because I will never have a chance to learn or know.

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    thai divorce and property law

    By Anonymous, Created on: 21/02/2005, Last updated on: 16/01/2006

    » I'm a U.S. citizen and married to a thai guy in U.S., he has nothing in U.S. but business ownership, land and bank accounts in thailand. our baby is going to be U.S. citizen, i want to know, is it true by law that he told me that i cannot co-own any business, land or bank account of his? what can...

    • Anonymous commented : as someone new lined up. Any clues? It was when she started withdrawing money from a bank in Bangkok while claiming she was in Khon Kaen that he demanded answers...she claims the bank is crazy...though they've checked twice, and she claims it was from a Bangkok St in Khon Khan...but when he asked her to withdraw from that account again, she refused. Any hope? His sister who once travelled alone to Thailand recently, had all her money stolen by a man she thought was a Thai friend the first day in the country; then had a marijuana leave planted in her backpack on a train, when she left it to go to the bathroom which a Thai lady warned her about, so she was able to extricate it---and sure enough 15 mintues later a couple police came through asking to check inside luggage. This is a long letter, sorry, but we have no one to turn to. So far no one here knows any Thai the law school...

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    marriage scam

    By Anonymous, Created on: 06/01/2006, Last updated on: 06/12/2007

    » i want to expose my ex-sister in law ( siriporn parman sibley ,nee: wachirarat .) and her husband ( stewart james parman sibley ) . these two slimy snakes used me to get her sister ( sureerat wachirarat ) into england by means of marriage , they made me believe that sureerat was madly in love with...

    • Anonymous commented : I have made exhaustive searches on the internet looking for any hint or clue of a scam called Thaiwives (I know the space is missing) owned by a Mrs Preeyarat Oeste without success. Anybody on this site familiar with it in a city of Roiet, Northeast Thailand?

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    How important is for Thai women to have children?

    By Anonymous, Created on: 06/02/2006, Last updated on: 23/02/2006

    » I wonder how important is for a Thai woman to have children?

    • Anonymous commented : Kris, you will have to read me more closely, i will always give you a little clue when i am just joking, which is often the case!

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    Buying property in Thailand

    By Anonymous, Created on: 17/02/2006, Last updated on: 11/11/2011

    » Nothing much to say here is there, i think that IAN has told us all there is to know and believe me.......... .he's right.

    • Anonymous commented : BANGKOKPOST, 25 JULY 2006 KOH SAMUI Ex-prosecutor surrenders to face land title bribe charges POST REPORTERS A former prosecutor wanted in connection with land encroachment on Koh Samui yesterday surrendered to the Department of Special Investigation (DSI). Pratheep Muangkaew, a former prosecutor turned land developer, was charged by the DSI for bribing land officials into issuing land documents for his property. However, he insisted yesterday that he had acquired the land legally and without the use of bribery. Mr Pratheep bailed himself out of the Criminal Court with a 350,000 baht title deed after the charges were laid. ''I have sold several plots on Koh Samui over the years but had no clue that the foreigners who bought them from me had a bad history. As a developer, I admit that there are problems with title deeds on Koh Samui but I did not know which process was problematic,'' he said. He bought land through lawyers and never knew any members of the Bandidos motorcycle gang. ''It was not possible to know all your clients and who they really were,'' he said. The DSI in a raid last Tuesday arrested three foreigners and a Thai, who was a former land official on Koh Samui, and charged them with extortion and malfeasance. Mr Pratheep was one of the seven suspects implicated in the illegal issuance of land documents on the resort island. The DSI yesterday also brought Kim Lindergaard Neilsen, a 36-year-old Dane charged in the case, to the Criminal Court. Meanwhile, the Land Department has transferred three land officials for their alleged involvement in the illegal issuance of land documents to developers of the Peak property project, a reliable source said yesterday. The three were ordered transferred by Land Department chief Pirapol Tritotsavit. The suspects, who were not named, were moved to inactive posts to facilitate the inquiry. One was transferred on July 18 and the other two, who were C-5 and C-6 level officials, on July 21. State action on The Peak project on Koh Samui, which had allegedly acquired land illegally on Khao Dang and Khao Duang Nok mountain, followed after advertisements for the sale of 514 rai of land on a website and in a property trading guide were placed by Samui Property Solutions, a foreign firm. The land, being sold for up to eight million baht a rai, for a total of 4.1 billion baht, set alarm bells ringing and a crackdown was ordered to put an end to land encroachment by tourist resorts. Surat Thani Ssenator Pravit Nilwatcharamanee said the government should take the land scandal seriously and bring those behind the encroachments and money-laundering to justice.

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    getting dual citizenship

    By Anonymous, Created on: 06/06/2006, Last updated on: 15/03/2011

    » hello every one i have a question reguarding dual citizenship program in thailand and would like clerification and advice from anybod in thailand. i was born in Thailand in 1978 (B.E. 2521) and my father (an American Tourist) ask that i be given a U.S. Citizen (at birth) in according to the Order...

    • drake commented : [quote="GI-Joe777":9xour20r]Hi, Anyone who has done this in Norway? I am getting stonewalled. They will not give me an answer to why I can not renew my Thai passport. I was adopted from Thailand 34 years ago, and have tried to get in contact with my Thai Embassy for many many years, without any luck. I came in contact with them early this year, but they said only that they did not have the time to process my request and that the answer was no. No explanation to why they said no.[/quote:9xour20r] Typical Bureaucrats. If your Thai passport is not expired then there should have been no technical reason for them to deny a renewal. If it is expired, specially if it had been for a long while, renewal can be complicated. Thailand had switched to a [i:9xour20r]smart card[/i:9xour20r] National ID system a few years ago and the passport is tied to that card. If you don't have the card, they can't give you you a new passport. In order to get the card you need to establish your legal credential. An [i:9xour20r]unexpired[/i:9xour20r] passport or minimally: Birth Certificate, other Photo IDs bearing your name, the adoption papers, affidavit of your ID by other Thai relatives (usually 2). Getting old records can be a real PITA as they had never transfered them in to electronics form and you had to go to the original municipal district office and pull a physical copy (and hopes the termites or fire didn't get to them first). The requirements and forms can varies from one municipal office to another. In BKK, this can take as little as an hour to do if you've got all the papers and people in order, or months if not. Then you take the ID card to the local passport office. Processing can take as little as a half an hour and you can pick up the new passport in 3 days. Unfortunately, I haven't a clue what the procedure is in Norway. Perhaps you might want to ask them first how to get the National ID. Bottom line is, if you were born in the Kingdom or if ONE of your parent is/was a Thai then you are one. Here's a good summary on the topic of Thai Nationality Good luck.

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    is this a scam?

    By Anonymous, Created on: 02/12/2007, Last updated on: 23/01/2008

    » Can someone help me with this please? My father is an American who went overseas to work. He is making pretty good money. He has been there for about 4 years and has traveled to other countries when on his r&r. Thailand has become his favorite vacation spot. He is 52 years old and divorced...

    • Anonymous commented : rrj, It would appear that "Reap What You Sow" is what might have happened to you. Seldom does one just walk out the door on a relationship, usually there are many indications that there is a problem, as those start to pile up, if one wants to deal with it, that is the time. After the horse has left the barn is not the time to close the door. Easy to say that lack of strength is a failing, but if it is true I suspect that you should have had some inclination during your marriage, if you didn't then that should give you a clue as to why he left.

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    Proof of income needed to marry?

    By Anonymous, Created on: 03/01/2008, Last updated on: 01/01/2009

    » Can someone please clarify if you need a proof of income in order to marry in Bangkok in an Amphur Office?

    • Anonymous commented : hi ian , i must confess i have not a clue what the UK embassy,s guidelines are at this moment in time , so you will have to get professional advice , i only know from the information i have gleaned from those who have failed in getting a UK visa for there thai wife that the pitfalls are many , i just hope along with others that you make it , but as juan so rightly puts it take your time in coming to any conclusions , good luck ,colin .

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    Shoul I send her money monthly?

    By Anonymous, Created on: 07/01/2008, Last updated on: 17/06/2010

    » I had known her for 4 months, got engaged while visiting for the first time for 2 weeks, yet, only 2 months later, felt the pressure to pay the 250 K BHT for the 1 rai village lot. She says she has 1 Million BHT in the bank, but, does not want to touch it (keeping it for her 2 kids future…?)...

    • Eric commented : I guess the biggest clue to the girl sincerity is where did you meet her and what's her profession. Again, we can't generalised as there are some real love but it does point to something.

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