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    Education, ICT ministries develop English-learning app

    Business, Komsan Tortermvasana, Published on 20/02/2016

    » Thais will soon be able to access free English-language courses on a mobile-learning app developed by the Education and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) ministries.


    Delta looks to expand abroad

    Business, Lamonphet Apisitniran, Published on 20/02/2016

    » Delta Electronics (Thailand), a SET-listed maker and distributor of power management solutions and electronic components, will expand in India, Slovakia and Asean markets.


    Foreign exchange wallops Ratch profit amid expansion

    Business, Published on 20/02/2016

    » SET-listed Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding Plc (RATCH), Thailand’s biggest private power producer, posted a net profit of 3.19 billion baht last year, down by 49.2% from 2014.


    What's trending and happening this week

    Muse, Pattramon Sukprasert, Published on 20/02/2016

    » 1 People may be more familiar with trampolining as a kid’s activity but recently we have started to see more bouncy places open in the city where many adults can participate. Now trampolining is not just about jumping around as Bounce Inc (Thailand) ( just launched a new programme called Bounce Fit. It is a mixture of aerobic dance with trampolining where different muscles are worked. The upbeat music with energetic trainers promises to make this workout fun and worth it.


    Looking towards the Sun

    Muse, Kanin Srimaneekulroj, Published on 20/02/2016

    » Thailand is a geologically blessed country. We do not have any volcanoes, nor do we have to worry about house-wrecking earthquakes or tornadoes. It is our many blessings, however, that may have made us a little lax when it comes to our awareness of the environment.


    Strategy bill is misplaced

    News, Editorial, Published on 20/02/2016

    » The national strategy bill and the centralised 25-member body it proposes to set up will contribute nothing to the country but reel together more layers of red tape to last as long as 20 years.


    Don't stress the PM

    News, Postbag, Published on 20/02/2016

    » It was interesting to see President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha standing side by side, but their hair colour was different.


    Endorsing a national language policy

    News, Published on 20/02/2016

    » There is a rising need for countries, including Thailand, to promote the mother tongue as a way to overcome problems involving the inclusion of ethnic minorities and their stake in not just education systems but in the nations themselves.


    Saudi Arabia's risky gamble is driving the oil downturn

    News, Gwynne Dyer, Published on 20/02/2016

    » ‘The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent,” said John Maynard Keynes (or maybe it wasn’t him, but no matter). At any rate, that was the eternal verity the Saudi Arabians were counting on when they decided to let oil production rip — and the oil price collapse — in late 2014.


    Of military, monks and an unholy mess

    News, Kong Rithdee, Published on 20/02/2016

    » It was a match made in heaven, if heaven had a wrestling match. A few hundred monks from the Sangha Buddhist Alliance faced off with 150 soldiers on Monday at Phutthamonthon park, saffron vs green, tonsured vs crew-cut, as a mini brawl broke out between the two sides over the contested supreme patriarch nomination. Choice photos show a monk head-lock a soldier, jujitsu-style, while soldiers were blocking the angry brethren from entering the park. It was an unholy mess. I thought we were watching news from Myanmar, only that Myanmar seems peaceful these days.

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