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    Turning heads

    Life, Kaona Pongpipat, Published on 16/04/2014

    » Chon Buri-based British artist Thomas Donaldson’s debut solo exhibition is all about facial expressions. With a few exceptions of torso nudes, most of the collection are portraits of women whose expressions are portrayed by smudges and smears of paint.

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    Learn about the Land of the Rising Sun

    Life, AKIN, Published on 16/04/2014

    » Those passionate about Japan might find a mobile application called Japan Town interesting. Developed by the Technology Promotion Association (Thailand-Japan), this app is simply all about the Land of the Rising Sun.

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    Uber remedy for the taxi blues?

    Life, Sasiwimon Boonruang, Published on 16/04/2014

    » An office worker who regularly needs to call a cab to take her home from her workplace, Supatra has often been frustrated with the quality of service provided by Bangkok taxi drivers. But now that she's started using a mobile app called Uber to organise taxi rides, she says there's been a vast improvement in the experience.

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    Hackers getting younger

    Life, James Hein, Published on 16/04/2014

    » As a parent here is a headline you don’t want to see every day "A five-year-old boy has found and exploited a password flaw in his Xbox to hack into his father's Xbox Live account". Special irony points for this story comes via the father who is a computer security specialist. Kristoffer, yes you guessed it, from California, broke in by entering the wrong password, navigating to the verification screen and entering spaces before hitting submit. This allowed him entry and exposed a password bug. Microsoft has since fixed the problem and rewarded Kristoffer. As a one-year-old he held down the home key on Dad’s phone to defeat a lockout so it looks like this kid is going places.

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    Mother’s Little Helpers Part II: Application Switcher and the Apple menu

    Life, Graham K. Rogers, Published on 16/04/2014

    » On a Mac, Finder has a number of ways in which OS X functions can be controlled. I think of the Finder as a sort of bridge: it acts like an application, but is essential to using OS X. One part of this is an easy-to-use feature called Application Switcher. The Apple menu has several useful ways for quick access to applications and useful information.


    Tonefone Weighted iPhone 5/5S CASE

    Life, Thakrit Rungreungthanja, Published on 16/04/2014

    » The world’s heaviest iPhone 5/5s case turns your phone into an exercise accessory by increasing its weight by up to 1.5kg — allowing you to work out wherever you are. It’s simple: you get a text, you get fitter; your mum calls you, you get fitter; you check Facebook and you get fitter. Even when you order a takeaway you get fitter. The dumbbell case will help you get the most toned arms in the office. Made of 100% British steel covered in soft, durable and grippable rubber, ToneFone comes in white, with gold and space grey due to be released in June. Priced at £22.90 (approximately 1,200 baht), ToneFone is available online at


    Credit discomfort

    Business, Wichit Chantanusornsiri, Published on 16/04/2014

    » A downgrade of Thailand’s credit rating outlook to negative from stable by major rating agencies including Moody’s Investors Service and Standard & Poor’s (S&P) is likely if political uncertainty fails to end before their mid-year review, but the nation’s sovereign credit rating is expected to be unscathed.


    Last year's trigger funds miss targets

    Business, Nuntawun Polkuamdee, Published on 16/04/2014

    » Trigger funds, one of the most popular types of mutual funds, have fallen mostly flat in terms of performance, with most still yet to reach their redemption targets.


    Mekong economic corridor offers trade openings

    Business, Chatrudee Theparat, Published on 16/04/2014

    » Thailand is being urged to accelerate wrapping up a pact on cross-border transport and invest in infrastructure to make the best use of the East-West Economic Corridor linking Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Myanmar.


    Mercedes-Benz Leasing posts strong loan growth

    Business, Somruedi Banchongduang, Published on 16/04/2014

    » Mercedes-Benz Leasing (Thailand), the local leasing arm of the luxury car maker, showed strong first-quarter loan growth in line with positive sales of the luxury car, indicating the economic slowdown has yet to affect high-income purchasing power.

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