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    3D Showdown

    B Magazine, Richard Mcleish, Published on 23/10/2011

    » Although the recent bout of 3D hype has tapered off a little in other arenas, phone manufacturers have begun loading their releases with the technology. All the Asian manufacturers seem to be interested in at least testing the waters, and following the (surprising) lead of Sharp last year, HTC, LG and now Samsung are all in the game. But the longevity of the technology is questionable. While phone screens are bigger and brighter than ever, do people really need such technology in their pockets? Let's look at some of the new releases to see if it's just another terminal phone gimmick, or really the future of the game.


    Mother Nature steps up the pressure

    Terry Fredrickson, Published on 23/10/2011

    » As a mass of floodwater from the north reaches the city's outer defences, authorities are sounding less and less confident that Bangkok will be spared the flooding that has ravaged much of the country.

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    GPS shoes for Alzheimer's patients to hit US

    AFP, Published on 23/10/2011

    » The first shoes with built-in GPS devices -- to help track down dementia-suffering seniors who wander off and get lost -- are set to hit the US market this month, the manufacturer says.

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