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    Dog days on a Greyhound

    Brunch, Andrew Biggs, Published on 20/06/2010

    » I am not a bus person. I do trains, planes, and people movers with ease and enthusiasm, but buses arouse the dark silhouette of despair that sleeps fitfully in my stomach, waking to attention the moment my backside hits the bus seat. I don't go around advertising this fact; the last time I casually mentioned it was in Sydney trying to find a way to get from Bondi to the casino.

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    My Desire

    Brunch, Richard Mcleish, Published on 20/06/2010

    » Following the trend of naming its phones after what sound like '80s rock bands (Hero, Tattoo, Snap), HTC has released its best smartphone yet in the Desire, giving the Apple camp something new to chew on. The launch had the benefit of avoiding the media hoop-la that the Nexus One fell victim to, and has been getting nothing but praise on the internet. Employing the latest Android platform, the Desire emerges as the brother of the HTC Legend, released to acclaim earlier this month, and the similar but superior twin of the Nexus One that materialised in January.

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