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    Outlook, Samila Suttisiltum, Published on 09/10/2010

    » Emotional sensitivity in check?

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    Online Aspirations

    Muse, Samila Suttisiltum, Published on 05/06/2010

    » It's not difficult to be a fashion designer, but it's a completely different hemisphere if you set your eyes on running a fashion label. Even great creative minds can step down the runway business bruised and battered.

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    Freedom of social networking

    Muse, Samila Suttisiltum, Published on 12/06/2010

    » It's been four years since the last World Cup, which was held in Germany, and the world has changed a light year in terms of technology since then. For a start, this World Cup will be held during the current surge in popularity of social networking - the first World Cup for many global Facebook, Twitter and other mass-social-networking-sites users.

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    Going up and down the scale

    Muse, Samila Suttisiltum, Published on 13/02/2010

    » There are many ladies who at some stage have been determined to undertake strength training as part of their workout routine in an attempt to lose weight and shape up. Many, however, found themselves putting on a few pounds after one or two weeks of training and, unable to tolerate the rising digits, they quit.

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    A thousand words ... and pounds

    Muse, Samila Suttisiltum, Published on 20/02/2010

    » 'The Guardian's recently published an article on Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) pursuing more than half of the football clubs in the Premier League "over tax due on image rights payments totalling 60m"

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