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    Outsider politics not going away

    News, Mohamed A El-Erian, Published on 13/06/2017

    » It is tempting to consider last week's UK election -- in which the two major parties combined to take more seats in parliament -- another indication that the anti-establishment phenomenon that propelled Brexit and President Donald Trump's victory is waning. That would be a mistake. A closer look suggests that, far from going away, the phenomenon is evolving, with potential consequences for key upcoming European elections.


    The International Barriers to Trump's Economic Plan

    Business, Mohamed A El-Erian, Published on 27/12/2016

    » US President-elect Donald Trump should have a relatively clear road ahead at home for the implementation of his economic programme: with Republicans holding majorities in both houses of Congress, he seems likely to benefit from a break in the political gridlock that has paralysed the body for the last six years. But the United States economy does not exist in a vacuum. If Mr Trump is to succeed in delivering the high growth and genuine financial stability that he has promised, he will need some help from abroad.


    Sustaining the Trump Rally

    Business, Mohamed A El-Erian, Published on 07/12/2016

    » Donald Trump's victory in the US presidential election surprised most of the world. But the president-elect is not finished defying expectations. Contrary to the predictions of many experts, stock markets have rallied strongly since his victory, with the three major US indices reaching record highs while the dollar has soared. Explaining these unexpected responses could provide a glimpse of what the next few months have in store for markets.


    Sound economic policies founder on toxic politics

    News, Mohamed A El-Erian, Published on 17/10/2016

    » The relationship between politics and economics is changing. Advanced-country politicians are locked in bizarre, often toxic, conflicts, instead of acting on a growing economic consensus about how to escape a protracted period of low and unequal growth. This trend must be reversed, before it structurally cripples the advanced world and sweeps up the emerging economies, too.


    What should really worry us about Deutsche Bank

    News, Mohamed A El-Erian, Published on 04/10/2016

    » My recent column focused on the headwinds facing the European banking system and the broader implications of Deutsche Bank's fall from grace, including the decline in its stock price by more than half.


    Happy birthday!

    Life, Mohamed A El-Erian, Published on 19/07/2016

    » South Korea's counterpart to the US's Estee Lauder Group and France's L'Oreal Group, Amorepacific was established in an office in Thailand four years ago along with the launch of the upscale Sulwhasoo cosmetics label.


    Young people are being left behind

    News, Mohamed A El-Erian, Published on 20/07/2016

    » Once again, young people have got the short end of the political stick. The outcome of the United Kingdom's Brexit referendum is but another reminder of a yawning generational divide that cuts across political affiliation, income levels, and race.


    Yellen has 5 big questions to answer

    News, Mohamed A El-Erian, Published on 10/02/2016

    » Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen will deliver her semi-annual testimony to House and Senate committees this week. Her remarks will be closely monitored, especially in light of the recent increase in global economic insecurity, which has intensified talk of a recession threat, and global financial volatility.


    Markets must build stability for long-term growth

    News, Mohamed A El-Erian, Published on 29/09/2015

    » Over the past two weeks, markets have again confounded any attempt to explain their short-term gyrations by looking at historical patterns, in particular by focusing on the influence of central banks.


    Europe must help Tsipras by providing debt relief

    News, Mohamed A El-Erian, Published on 22/09/2015

    » After repeated bungling, Europe suddenly has an opportunity to do the right thing about Greece's unsustainable debt. It would be a tragedy -- for both Greece and Europe -- if this opening went to waste.

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