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    Don't worry about IS in Mindanao

    News, Anthony Davis, Published on 07/12/2018

    » Amplified by a suicide bombing and ongoing military clashes, alarm bells are ringing loudly across Southeast Asia: Mindanao, it seems, is in danger of becoming the next Syria. As local Muslim militants regroup following their siege of Marawi last year and foreign fighters associated with the Islamic State (IS) move in on the chaos, terrorism experts are pointing to the Philippines' second largest island as the epicentre of a new jihadist threat to stability across the region and beyond.


    Media-driven panic fueling fears in Southeast Asia

    News, Anthony Davis, Published on 22/09/2016

    » As Southeast Asia faces a resurgence of terrorism under the blood-soaked brand of the Islamic State (IS), the region needs to takes to take a deep breath -- and resist the urge to panic.


    China weighs up its role in Myanmar peace talks

    News, Anthony Davis, Published on 14/06/2016

    » In what has traditionally been a boots-and-bayonets conflict fought a long way from media coverage, an unusual photo circulating on the internet last week revealed that Myanmar's military is now using armed drones in operations against ethnic insurgents. Probably taken on a serviceman's mobile phone and posted on a Facebook account, the image showed soldiers preparing a Chinese-built CH-3A unmanned combat aerial vehicle for take-off at an airfield in the north of the country.


    Latest attacks show BRN's new strategy

    News, Anthony Davis, Published on 29/03/2016

    » Coming just less than two weeks apart, the recent car bomb on the outskirts of Pattani city and a major insurgent assault that invaded a hospital in Narathiwat indicate that beneath the surface of the violence sputtering across the southern border provinces the ground is shifting.


    Democracy or not, war with ethnic groups continues

    News, Anthony Davis, Published on 17/11/2015

    » Far from the hoopla and euphoria surrounding Myanmar's national elections last week, it has been mainly business as usual for army units in the country's northern borderlands. At the end of the rains, business as usual centres on preparing for upcoming dry season offensives against ethnic insurgents aimed at improving what the military sees as the real balance of national power.


    How China's Uighur abuse fuels terrorism

    News, Anthony Davis, Published on 27/10/2015

    » Russia's decisive intervention in support of Syria's Assad regime has been greeted with howls of displeasure in western capitals. But one country which will be delighted with the move and watching its results closely is China.

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    Rebels reject peace talks in deep South

    News, Anthony Davis, Published on 12/10/2015

    » The dominant insurgent faction in Thailand’s southern separatist conflict emerged last week to reject the Malaysian-led peace talks being held with the Thai government.

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    Attacks push Thailand into globalised era

    News, Anthony Davis, Published on 01/09/2015

    » Since the Aug 17 blast at the Erawan shrine there has been no shortage of misstatements and missteps from the authorities. But the arrest of a key suspect on Saturday afternoon marked real success and a potential breakthrough in the nation's worst-ever bomb attack.

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