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    For a prosperous future we must rethink the 'Asean way'

    News, Abhisit Vejjajava, Published on 17/08/2019

    » This year, Thailand is chairing Asean, and we just had an Asean Summit here in Bangkok. The day before the summit, an opposition leader made a speech calling upon Asean to change its way and to drop what he believes are some principles that Asean has held, such as non-interference in the internal affairs of others and wanting Asean to place greater emphasis on human rights and democracy.


    A new paradigm for a changing world order

    News, Abhisit Vejjajava, Published on 21/02/2019

    » The latest air pollution crisis has been a wake-up call to the way we in this country think about the need for a more environmentally friendly development strategy.


    Asian liberals, democrats must fight back

    News, Abhisit Vejjajava, Published on 10/12/2017

    » Almost 25 years ago, when leading liberals and democrats around the region decided to establish the Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats (CALD), there was optimism about the prospects of democratisation in Asia.


    NCPO facing its toughest challenge yet

    News, Abhisit Vejjajava, Published on 26/08/2014

    » With the appointment of the prime minister and the upcoming selection of the cabinet and reform council members, the country is entering the second phase of the roadmap as set out by the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO). This second phase is when most of the reform work and preparations for the return to democracy will be done. This phase will also be critical for the NCPO as its success or failure will ultimately rest on achievements in this period.


    The time has come to restart Thailand

    News, Abhisit Vejjajava, Published on 20/02/2014

    » Once more the world watches Thailand, stuck in what looks to be a never-ending stalemate: Powerful protests, wanton random acts of violence, divisive and hateful content in our press and social media. Thais have been through this cycle of failed government for too long. Our future lies in the hands of the few, while the many continue to question where this will lead us. We deserve better.


    California to vote on GM food labeling

    Abhisit Vejjajava, Published on 22/10/2012

    » California could become the first US state to enforce labeling of genetically modified (GM) foods, in a vote next month pitting agro-chemical giants against opponents of so-called "Frankenfoods."

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