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    For rent

    2 bedrooms for rent in Thonglor 35K only

    By pablomeng, Created on: 01/05/2016, Last updated on: 01/05/2016

    » Baan Chan condo for rent. A charming low rise condo with resort & boutique concept in the middle of Thonglor, one of the most livelihood neighborhood in Bangkok. The place is well located with easy access to both Thonglor, Ekamai, Petchburi, and Rama 9 Rd. Plenty of restaurants, coffee shops,...

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    Visa / work permit / resident / citizenship / dual passport - what's required

    Family not welcome here

    By jon.b, Created on: 23/04/2016, Last updated on: 04/07/2016

    » You won't feel settled! Thai authorities have no desire / disposition to make a foreigner with a Thai family here feel comfortable. If they did, they would have laws that reflect that. The current visa system doesn’t make a Thai / farang family feel secure. The regulations make that clear. One...

    • FredKubasa commented : The focus should not be on how/when/where visas are issued, or not, but the fact that the 90 day reporting benefits no one, not Immigration/police/expats alike, sometimes traveling long distances, often handicapped, to tell them he/she has lived/owned at the same place for 10 years. Immigration has more pictures of me then my mother and I could write B.F. Nebraska in the residence slot and the non English reading officer would still stamp in the new/next date ! No one has ever, come to validate where I said I lived and their excuse for minimizing foreigner's crimes is downright silly . Not many 80 year olds are arrested for rape/robbery/murder/shoplifting/spitting on the sidewalk and only a few for soliciting a prostitute. More then a million, 1,000,000 + unnecessary/energy expending/time and fuel consuming trips are made every year so Immigration can employ a few more, normally unemployable relatives !

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    Thai news stories

    Brutal farang beating in Hua Hin

    By biggerpill, Created on: 01/05/2016, Last updated on: 17/05/2016

    » The is the first time i have ever posted my opinion to any forum of any kind. i am a semi retired american who runs a pretty successful insurance agency in america. i am married to a thai lady and own a condo and a farm in phayao. i travel all over thailand and have speent considerable time in huahin,...

    • meerkat commented : This could have happened and does happen, in any popular drinking area of any Town or City anywhere in the World, where there are aggressive thugs fuelled by alcohol, not just Thailand!!!

    • dell commented : I agree it happens all over the world. Where you are wrong is that brutal unprovoked assaults like this on old people DO NOT HAPPEN like this all over the world, if it did i can assure you people would not stand and watch doing nothing. Whats worse is there were reports they were looking for foreigners to carry out this sickening attack no matter who they were This is however common in Thailand as ive Seen images of males slapping, punching and kicking old Thai people in the Bangkok Post. This is also portrayed nearly every day in your soap operas as though its part of Thai culture. In these movies its also very rare you see police involvement and this gives the distinct impression its ok to do this. Instead of saying that's life so as to excuse these drunken thugs, ask yourself if it were your parents would you say the same?

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    For sale

    Home Building Plots For Sale 300 M from the Beach (Cha-am)

    By ansestate, Created on: 01/05/2016, Last updated on: 01/05/2016

    » [size=200:1mtxsiqo]Home Building Plots For Sale 300 M from the Beach Three Sizes to Choose From: 95 Wah (380 Square Meters) [color=#FF0000:1mtxsiqo]Price: 2,850,000 THB[/color:1mtxsiqo] 90 Wah (360 Square Meters) [color=#FF0000:1mtxsiqo]Price: 2,700,000 THB[/color:1mtxsiqo] 100 Wah (400 Square Meters)...

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    For rent

    RENT LUXURY 3BR 2BA THE BLOOM Top executive floor 45,000 B/M

    By Nattaya25, Created on: 01/05/2016, Last updated on: 01/05/2016

    » Call: 0 984 955 411 LINE ID: gawaokarstenvanessa Pictures: 88 sqm, 3BR, 2BA, Fully furnished, 23rd Floor, Luxury full kitchen and bathrooms, Wine cooler, 2 TV's and more. See details below: Rent only 45,000 THB per month...

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    Private English Lessons

    By davemax36, Created on: 01/05/2016, Last updated on: 01/05/2016

    » I work for an International School in Bangkok and offer private English lessons, either via Skype or in person. I am fully qualified with 3 years working as an English Teacher in Thailand, I can help with improving your English that will include practice conversation, vocabulary, grammar, prepare...

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    For rent

    3 Bedroom Condo Ruamruedee Plenchit, Only 40.000

    By ananpuri, Created on: 01/05/2016, Last updated on: 01/05/2016

    » Great Rental Deal right next to BTS PLOENCHIT. 3 Bedroom Unit with 160sqm on Ruam Ruedee for Rent. Only 40.000 per month 2 Bedrooms, 1 Study Room, 2 Bathrooms, Modern and large European Kitchen, Huge Dining Area, 2 Parking spaces. No Pets allowed. Quiet Building, No Facilities, Only 1 Unit per Floor....

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    Business opportunity & services

    tour guide service

    By metal_rose, Created on: 01/05/2016, Last updated on: 01/05/2016

    » If you are now looking for a tour guide who can guide and show you the amazing places and historical sites in Thailand, a licensed tour guide is here waiting for rendering the services for you. The services will be provided with friendly& relax environments, reasonable price and unforgettable...

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    Health problems in Thailand

    Chiang Mai pollution

    By modsquad, Created on: 11/03/2015, Last updated on: 01/05/2016

    » Can any of you confirm this? Chiang Mai province has recorded air quality levels that are worse than last year due to haze caused by slash and burn farming. The level of fine dust particles in the air at Yupparaj Witthayalai School in central Chiang Mai was measured at 256 micrograms per cubic...

    • biggerpill commented : I live with my wife on afarm in phayao provence about1 hour15 minutesfrom chaing rai..the haze and smoke are pretty bad up here this year. i can see theparicles every day i clean all over my tv, stero and desk. i do not know the particle levels but my thraot in the morning is raspy..not sure if i want to be retired here with the level of pollution which is not being addressed in any significant way. fires everywhere and you NEVER see any police or authorities out there trying to stop it..what happened about globalwarming??duh

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