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    Into the forest

    Life, Anchalee Kongrut, Published on 07/10/2015

    » It is hard to believe Sahwing Indharangsri when he says his village and the forest around it was once inhabited by wild animals.

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    Sipping tea in the forest

    Life, Karnjana Karnjanatawe, Published on 06/02/2020

    » Tea pickers, each having a bamboo basket on one side, walked in a row on their way out of a tea plantation. It was late afternoon. The sky was clear and the sunlight was about to turn yellow. My travel companions and I ambled along the same road but in the opposite direction of the tea pickers. We were on our way to the tea farm to have our tea-picking experience.


    A monarch's vision

    Life, Karnjana Karnjanatawe, Published on 12/10/2017

    » More than 30 years ago, the treeless hill of Khao Chi On in Chon Buri was dry and barren. The lack of natural water adversely affected the farmers in Sattahip and Bang Lamung areas. When the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej made royal visits to Wat Yansangwararam, a Buddhist monastery under the royal patronage of the king, he took note of the farmers' misery.


    Getting to the root of the problem

    News, Sanitsuda Ekachai, Published on 21/07/2018

    » In search of a solution to deforestation and the persisting rights conflicts between Thai forest dwellers and state authorities? Meet Sant Khamkhum. This owner of a small farm in northern Uttaradit province believes he has the answer to one of the country's biggest problems.


    Paper chase

    Asia focus, Nareerat Wiriyapong, Published on 27/06/2016

    » Even though the market is mature in some areas, the pulp and paper business in Southeast Asia remains attractive with a substantial demand growth, and that has encouraged the entry of foreign manufacturers to compete with regional players.

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    Ginger up

    B Magazine, Normita Thongtham, Published on 27/11/2016

    » Regular reader Paul Schiller sent me a photo of a plant growing in a flower pot at his summer home in Khao Lak, Phangnga province. "Do you know this small beauty?" he asked. The plant was a cluster of lance-shaped bright green leaves, with a terminal pendant inflorescence hanging from each stem. What's attractive about the plant was the unusual inflorescence, which comprised of showy, widely spaced purple bracts. From the base of each bract emerged the long, tube-like pedicel of a small yellow flower. The plant's stems and leaves are those characteristically belonging to members of the ginger family.


    From floods to drought

    Jon Fernquest, Published on 12/03/2012

    » Thailand seesaws from too much water in Bangkok to too little in farming areas like Nan that need water for crops.

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    If you can stand the heat

    B Magazine, Normita Thongtham, Published on 01/05/2016

    » It's especially hot, of course, in Thailand during the summer months. But judging from the way Cassia fistula is blooming heavily this year, this summer has been even hotter than previous years.


    Indonesia ratifies Asean haze pact

    Published on 16/09/2014

    » JAKARTA — The Indonesian parliament on Tuesday passed a bill on an Asean haze pact, ratifying the accord 12 years after signing it along with other countries in the 10-member regional grouping.


    Populist housing policies for the rich?

    Jon Fernquest, Published on 07/10/2011

    » Housing needs of poor still not met in first-time homebuyer program even after several revisions, yet many handouts for the rich included.

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