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    What a waste

    Asia focus, Apiradee Treerutkuarkul, Published on 11/10/2021

    » Crates of paper, metal, plastic and unwanted rubbish from developed countries are piled up at ports in the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam, while vast toxic wastelands of imported plastics have emerged across Malaysia.

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    Time to ratify Basel ban on toxic waste

    News, Published on 11/10/2021

    » Last month, the Pollution Control Department (PCD) held an important public hearing that might end the problem of the import of hazardous waste to Thailand.

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    Not all trash is equal

    Life, Suwitcha Chaiyong, Published on 08/10/2021

    » People know recycling is the process of converting waste into reusable material. But as they assume that recycling is a solution to waste pollution, they do not pay much attention to how much waste they throw away in the first place.

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    Published on 04/10/2021

    » Leveraging the artistic skills and passionate ingenuity of Thai people together with the country’s cultural heritage, the Thai government expects the creative industry to play a more prominent role in Thailand’s economic development across industries.

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    Lockdown 'IT' items

    Guru, Suthivas Tanphaibul, Published on 03/09/2021

    » The novelty of SAH or WFH eventually wears out and what can hold your attention most during these times apart from all the apps? Online shopping! The latest hot picks in online shopping are air fryers, Nintendo Switch and potted plants, to name a few. Although they do not keep us safe from infection, they help us kill lockdown boredom. But are these in-trend items worth snatching up? Guru delves deeper into the 'it' items bought during lockdown to find out how they've helped people cope with the situation.

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    Bid adieu to bad rubbish

    Oped, Editorial, Published on 31/08/2021

    » On Thursday, the national sub-committee tasked with overseeing plastic and electronic waste management will hold a meeting after a ban due to come into effect on Wednesday was once again pushed back due to pressure from the waste recycling industry.

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    Government must ban imports of plastic scrap

    Oped, Published on 27/08/2021

    » Last Monday, members of the Anti-Plastic Scrap Citizen's Network submitted a petition to the environmental minister. The petition demanded the government impose a ban on the import of plastic scrap by the end of this year.

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    Plastic waste imports are 'unwanted'

    News, Post Reporters, Published on 06/08/2021

    » More than 100 environmental groups have called on the government to prohibit the import of plastic waste and instead encourage the use of domestic plastic waste for recycling as a way to safeguard the environment and promote the circular economy.

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    A Summer to Remember

    Guru, Suthivas Tanphaibul, Published on 06/08/2021

    » After a year hiatus, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games finally kicked off and will conclude on Sunday. More than 10,000 athletes from 206 countries marched joyously in front of thousands of empty seats (due to Covid-19 restrictions), while millions of sports fans cheered from home. This year's motto is "United By Emotion", expressing the power of sport to connect people from diverse backgrounds from all over the globe. Guru has created a timeline of all the memorable moments till the time of going to print, as well as interesting facts about the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, for your reading pleasure.

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    Waste not, want not

    Life, Published on 02/08/2021

    » To generate extra income, farmers in Tambon Khok Sa-at in Kalasin have been collecting and separating discarded electronic products, or e-waste, in between harvests since 1996.

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