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    Property tycoon ‘embezzled $12bn’ in Vietnam’s biggest fraud case

    Published on 03/03/2024

    » For several years, Truong My Lan held meetings on the 39th floor of the sleek Times Square tower in the heart of Vietnam’s commercial hub, Ho Chi Minh City. There, in a room that acted as her command centre, she allegedly wove a $12 billion tapestry of fraud and corruption, according to the police reports that form the basis of a court case against her.

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    The sea changes that are upending advertising

    Business, Published on 02/03/2024

    » Advertising is an amazing industry. It's worth about a trillion dollars globally, growth exceeds GDP, and it is either the primary business model or one of the fastest-growing ones for at least five of the top 10 companies by global market capitalisation.

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    Time to calm down about plastics

    News, David Fickling, Published on 29/02/2024

    » How to deal with the waste generated by the half-billion metric tonnes of plastic manufactured each year? One approach is to consume fewer polymers, recycle them more, and stop the rest from getting into the natural environment. Another is to declare the whole process a scam and hope the problem will somehow go away of its own accord.

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    Mitr Phol Boosts Sugarcane Leaf Program for Renewable Energy

    Published on 23/02/2024

    » Mitr Phol Group reinforces its commitment to sustainable development by continuing its sugarcane leaf purchase program from sugarcane farmers, thereby enhancing the value of agricultural waste. For over six years, the program has promoted green sugarcane harvesting and utilised sugarcane leaves as raw material for bio-power generation. Mitr Phol Group has been a pioneer in developing processes for renewable energy production, utilising sugarcane leaves as a fuel source for biomass electricity. The cumulative purchase of sugarcane leaves has surpassed 1.7 million tons, providing sugarcane farmers with additional revenue exceeding 2.5 billion baht. This year, Mitr Phol Group aims to purchase over 800,000 tons of sugarcane leaves.

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    Taking on the men in green

    Wassana Nanuam, Published on 18/02/2024

    » There has been a growing focus on military land and commercial welfare projects over the past five years. With the Pheu Thai Party now in power and the Move Forward Party (MFP) leading the opposition, scrutiny of these lucrative assets and operations has intensified.

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    Central's Q1/2024 Expansion: 2 Billion Baht, 2 Renovations, 2 Stores

    Published on 14/02/2024

    » Central Department Store, under Central Retail, is ushering in 2024 with a robust start, unveiling a comprehensive business plan for the first quarter. Central Department Store is set to unveil significant renovations at two of its Bangkok branches, namely Central Megabangna and Central Fashion Island. Simultaneously, it will mark the grand openings of two new stores: Central Nakhon Sawan and Central Nakhon Pathom. With a collective investment of 2 billion Baht, Central Department Store is solidifying its status as the nationwide destination for inspiration. The strategic placement of these four branches aims to create life-defining moments in locations with immense potential in Bangkok, the upper central region, and the western re-gion. As the company forges ahead, it is committed to providing a superior shopping experi-ence tailored to the lifestyles of every generation. Moreover, this initiative is expected to stimu-late the economy and generate employment opportunities in every region of Thailand. Anticipat-ing a 15% surge in traffic for Central Department Store this year, the company is poised to rein-force its position as the No.1 department store that has captured the hearts of the Thai people for nearly eight decades.

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    Hands off our parks!

    Oped, Editorial, Published on 13/02/2024

    » The latest attempt by the government to carve out 260,000 rai of Sor Por Kor land plots out of Thap Lan National Park has sparked concerns about the potential misuse of national resources to fulfil the administration's populist promise to hand out land to local villagers.

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    Sathorn BKK: ‘More Than A Business District’ at Bangkok Design Week 2024

    Published on 12/02/2024

    » In a lively celebration of community and innovation, Sathorn BKK made its grand debut at Bangkok Design Week 2024 on January 27. The launch event, titled “Sathorn BKK: More Than A Business District.”, featured an insightful panel discussion at the Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC). This engaging forum set the stage for a dynamic exchange of ideas, aiming to activate the Sathorn community brand, transforming it from its traditional business hub perception into a vision of a multifaceted urban neighbourhood brimming with creativity and culture.

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    Embrace Timeless pride with Grand Seiko 'Sakura'

    Published on 10/02/2024

    » Grand Seiko in partnership with 8 celebrities unveil the ‘My Grand Seiko My Pride’ campaign to elaborate their pride with the iconic Grand Seiko Sakura watch.

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    Air quality vs tradition

    Oped, Editorial, Published on 10/02/2024

    » Over the past few years, government agencies have tried, with limited success, to convince worshippers to stop burning incense during Chinese New Year in Thailand.

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