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    Covid stretching crematoriums beyond capacity

    Life, Thana Boonlert, Published on 16/07/2021

    » The spike in the death toll from Covid-19 has burdened temples with cremation amid concern over the risk of contamination.

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    Leaving no patient behind

    Life, Thana Boonlert, Published on 12/07/2021

    » Recently, a 12-year-old blind child was left alone in his room to quarantine. Not long after, his mother who was a diabetic, died due to Covid-19 and his father was admitted to a field hospital as well. The child was surviving on food given by his neighbour, who made a plea for help on social media earlier this month.

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    Missed opportunity to challenge insularity of Thainess

    Life, Thana Boonlert, Published on 05/07/2021

    » The world-famous conjoined twins -- better known as Siamese twins -- had caught the eyes of the world long after they turned their back on public life.


    Ironing out the many facets of gender recognition

    Life, Thana Boonlert, Published on 30/06/2021

    » Move Forward Party MP Tunyawaj Kamolwongwat will push for sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) draft legislation to ensure gender-responsive budgeting for LGBTI people after the current charter reform.

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    Divided we fall

    Life, Thana Boonlert, Published on 28/06/2021

    » In 2019, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha stormed an election campaign rally stage with a promise to end turmoil and move the country forward. He managed to survive attacks from all sides, from an oath gaffe to anti-government protests. However, nobody imagined that the coronavirus would present a real challenge to his rule. After 18 months, the crisis has battered the country with 218,000 infections and 1,600 deaths so far.

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    The fight for equality continues

    Life, Thana Boonlert, Published on 21/06/2021

    » All eyes are set on the Constitutional Court who will soon decide whether to accept a watershed case in the battle for marriage equality. Permsap Sae-Ung and Puangphet Hengkham have lived together for over 10 years but their marriage registration request was rejected by the Phasi Charoen District Office. In response to this, they filed a complaint with the Central Juvenile and Family Court, which forwarded the case to the Constitutional Court for ruling on Section 1448 of the Civil and Commercial Code that allows only heterosexual couples to tie the knot.

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    The never-ending story

    Life, Thana Boonlert, Published on 16/06/2021

    » Lawyers are pushing for a new clean air bill to fight ultra-fine dust that has shrouded the country for many years. The annual haze during the burning season that makes Chiang Mai the most polluted city on the planet for parts of March serves as a grim reminder of the problem.

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    Cancellation of period tax proposal in limbo

    Life, Thana Boonlert, Published on 10/06/2021

    » A gender advocacy group fears that a campaign for scrapping the tax on period products will stall due to political instability.

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    State of confusion

    Life, Thana Boonlert, Published on 09/06/2021

    » The Mor Prom platform met its doom on the day of its launch. A large number of people flocked to register for the Covid-19 vaccination, causing the system to break down temporarily due to overwhelming demand. Bookings for people over 60 and patients with seven chronic diseases experienced a bumpy ride ahead of the mass vaccination starting earlier this week. While the application's name is translated as doctors are ready, people joked that doctors are actually not.

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    Defeating an earlier pandemic

    Life, Thana Boonlert, Published on 07/06/2021

    » In London, Sompol* can know his HIV status almost immediately. He registers on a website and fills out a questionnaire. Even illegal immigrants can avail themselves of this free service because it doesn't require ID and visa status checks. In two days, a white parcel of self-test kits arrives on his doorstep.

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