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    Chiva-Som Hua Hin

    Life, Thana Boonlert, Published on 11/08/2022

    » After hours, I switched off the computer and left my cubicle. When I looked out the office's window, I saw high-rise buildings and winding motorways. Cars were stuck in a traffic jam day in, day out. It dawned on me that something was missing in life. I did not know what it was, but I would like to sort out my mind. A few days later, I took a break and left the city for a tranquil retreat.


    Thailand's Big Brother is upping the ante

    Oped, Thana Boonlert, Published on 06/08/2022

    » In the late 18th century, British philosopher Jeremy Bentham visited his younger brother, Samuel, in Russia, who arranged unskilled factory workers in a circle so that he could supervise them. Inspired by this principle, Bentham developed "the panopticon", an inspection tower surrounded by cells. Its uniqueness was that it enabled a watchman to monitor prisoners without them knowing they were being watched.

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    New documentary film shows how art can help children's well-being

    Life, Thana Boonlert, Published on 04/08/2022

    » Rong Rean Nai Phu Khao (School On The Mountain) is a new documentary that shows how art can improve the well-being of children.


    Abode of the gods

    Life, Thana Boonlert, Published on 04/08/2022

    » Cicadas sang a chorus as the forest opened out. I peered into the darkness and traced the distant contour of a monumental religious complex, a remarkable feat of human civilisation. Keyed up with my first visit, I crossed a floating bridge, a soon-to-be-dismantled construction, over a large moat in the midst of lush vegetation. Before dawn, I arrived at Angkor Wat.

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    Muay Thai boxers enter the global arena

    Life, Thana Boonlert, Published on 20/07/2022

    » After over two years of the coronavirus pandemic, Thai boxers are getting ready to flex their muscles and stun the world. Many adrenaline-pumping programmes are running for local and international fans, seeking to promote the sport on the global stage.

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    An alternative therapy

    Life, Thana Boonlert, Published on 18/07/2022

    » After the legalisation of marijuana took effect last month allowing people to grow the plant at home and buy cannabis products, Sarayoot Buranapanich has found a glimmer of hope in weed. A 46-year-old terminal cancer patient, Sarayoot has turned his back on the mainstay of treatment.

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    Democracy gets graphic novel treatment in 2475

    Life, Thana Boonlert, Published on 06/07/2022

    » After two years of researching and brainstorming ideas, creators are crowdfunding a historical fiction project to convey the spirit of change in the 1932 Siamese Revolution.

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    Food as rebellion

    Life, Thana Boonlert, Published on 05/07/2022

    » 'Eating food is our right. If our tongues aren't made of free will, it will be difficult to establish democracy. If we aren't allowed to eat our favourite food, how can we have desired politics?" said Asst Prof Chatichai Muksong, lecturer in history at Srinakharinwirot University, who has studied the topic of food for over two decades.


    Farewells teach us all to live for the moment

    Oped, Thana Boonlert, Published on 01/07/2022

    » When we bid farewell to something, it marks the end of a relationship. Saying it gives us a sense of ending. Saying goodbye reminds us of how vulnerable and uncertain our life is.

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    Reviving a lost art

    Life, Thana Boonlert, Published on 28/06/2022

    » Sitting in the front row of an independent movie house, Piak Poster, 90, looks at a photo of his original work on screen -- the pulpy handmade bai pid or film poster of Fah Talai Jone (Tears Of The Black Tiger, 2000). However, he could not remember how he made it, let alone its tear-jerking storyline and characters.

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