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    Who will buy this wonderful home?

    Special Publications, Published on 11/06/2019

    » DDproperty's Consumer Sentiment Survey asks what makes the local residential property market tick.


    'Khao' shows how

    Special Publications, Published on 09/06/2019

    » Master chefs are hard to define but you know when you've met one. Take Vichit Mukura. Formerly 28 years in command of Sala Rim Naam, the illustrious Mandarin Oriental Hotel's Thai diner, he stands ramrod straight from hours slaving over hot woks. The twinkle in his eyes, easy smile, and humorous repartee similarly speak to a man at the top of the culinary tree. And indeed a proprietor, with partners, of KHAO i.e. rice. Tucked inside Ekamai Soi 10, it's a long, low free-standing log cabin with decent parking.


    La Vie En J.P.

    Special Publications, Published on 04/06/2019

    » If an Englishman's home is his castle, a Frenchman's bistro is his salon. At least that's the recipe J.P. French's convivial cap-wearing culinary impresario Jean-Pierre Thiaville dishes up to devastating effect amid the over-supplied environs of mid-Sukhumvit 31. Just as it should be: the personality and presence of the owner is the secret of success.


    Rang Mahal recalibrates

    Special Publications, Published on 26/05/2019

    » Indian restaurants are rarely featured by local hotel developers unless they are themselves Indian. Twenty years ago there were only two such in existence. One of them bit the dust. That left Rang Mahal still opulently couched on its palanquin 26 storeys above terra firma at The Rembrandt Bangkok Hotel. But not alone, as an eclectic band of newcomers carved niches.


    Lenzi fine dining brand cooks up casual

    Special Publications, Published on 19/05/2019

    » When Italian restauranteur Francesco Lenzi was considering a name for his second dining venue in Bangkok, the locally well-established chef-patron could have simply issued a sequel to Lenzi Tuscan Kitchen--his Michelin plate-rated debut venture which opened in 2014, or derived the name from the nearly eight-decade-old Lenzi family farm in Tuscany that supplies his quality-certified cured meats and cheeses.


    How Internet of Things (IoT) will influence the Thailand Real Estate market

    Special Publications, Published on 14/05/2019

    » Forever known as the golden asset industry in any geography, real estate is the go-to investment preference, even in Thailand. Thailand has recorded high growth in the real estate domain, especially with a growing spending power in the Asian region. In a changing scenario of competition, unpredictable markets and inter-linkage with the tourism industry, the real estate market is more dynamic than ever.


    Jamie Oliver's Italian twists

    Special Publications, Published on 14/05/2019

    » If Oliver Twist were a true story starring Jamie Oliver, he grew up to be as unlike Mr Bumble The Beadle as possible. Refused more gruel, he doesn't just give people enough but food fit for rock stars.


    On reaching "The Oasis"

    Special Publications, Published on 06/05/2019

    » With illustrious overlords and pernickety guests to pacify, the demands on the young culinary team at The Oasis, led by switched-on Head Chef Ohm Tosporn Suwannagate, are weighty. To their credit, however, every dish passes muster impressively.


    Tasty time travel Thai style

    Special Publications, Published on 29/04/2019

    » If you want to encounter an eclectic bunch of people looking exceptionally pleased with themselves, and probably catch the bug yourself, hop across the River of Kings from Tha Phra Athit (if pedestrian) or Tha Wat Ratchathiwat Samsen 9 (if parking) and travel back to a golden era at Praya Palazzo Dining.


    Rembrandt Bangkok unveils a masterpiece of high altitude gourmet chill and charm

    Special Publications, Published on 09/04/2019

    » In a stroke of nuanced culinary collaboration and mixological creativity, Rembrandt Bangkok Hotel has launched 1826, the hotel's new rooftop chill bar that blends a menu of uniquely satisfying fusion bites with original cocktail creations and sensational sky-high ambience.

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