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Search Results - Bangkok Post : The world windows to Thailand


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  • LIFE

    From China, with love

    Life, Sakul Intakul, Published on 15/10/2012

    » China has always been fascinating to me, not only with her long history and colourful civilisation, but also because of her natural wonders. Flora and fauna in China have captivated the imagination of the people in the West for hundreds of years. Chinoiserie is the term for the fashion of Chinese themes in decoration in western Europe, beginning in the late 17th century, reaching its peak in the rococo chinoiserie wave, 1740-1770.

  • LIFE

    Folded beauty

    Life, Sakul Intakul, Published on 05/11/2012

    » The fourth exhibition of the Museum of Floral Culture is called "The Heritage of Thai Floral Culture", which comprises two exhibition rooms that open to the impeccably-landscaped Thai-meets-Zen garden at the back of the museum. "The Heritage of Thai Floral Culture" reveals to visitors the secrets behind our floral culture. Thailand is a tropical country where flowers bloom every day all year round, but most tropical flowers last but one day. Therefore Thai floral art has evolved in a different way from those of countries in the temperate zone where cut flowers are displayed in vases.

  • LIFE

    A dance of flowers

    Life, Sakul Intakul, Published on 29/08/2012

    » The tour of my flower museum, The Museum of Floral Culture, takes about 45 minutes and it is divided into two parts. The first part of the tour is of the beautifully-preserved golden teak mansion where visitors will be guided through all the exhibitions.

  • LIFE

    In an iris garden

    Life, Sakul Intakul, Published on 17/09/2012

    » Japan has always been one of my favourite countries. I still remember fondly my first visit to the Land of the Rising Sun as a visiting student in the Friendship Programme for the 21st Century when I was studying in my third year at the Faculty of Engineering, King Mongkut Institute of Technology Lat Krabang. It was in mid-summer of 1986. During the trip we paid a visit to Kiyomizu-dera temple in Kyoto. The images of refreshingly green leaves of momiji or the Japanese maple when catching the afternoon sunlight were totally mesmerising.

  • LIFE

    Nihon no Hana

    Life, Sakul Intakul, Published on 01/10/2012

    » The second exhibit of the Museum of Floral Culture is called "The World of Floral Culture". This takes the visitors on a magic carpet ride to the beautiful world of floral cultures. Important floral cultures of different nations flourishing in different parts of Asia _ China, Japan, Cambodia, Bali, Tibet, Laos and India _ are celebrated and put into delightful displays in the exhibition.

  • LIFE

    Poetic butterflies

    Life, Sakul Intakul, Published on 01/08/2012

    » When I was doing my bachelor's degree at King Mongkut's Institute of Technology at Lat Krabang, I was granted a scholarship from Japan Airlines to study summer session courses at Sophia University in Tokyo. One of the subjects I studied was Nihon-go Kiso Ichi (Basic Japanese 1).

  • LIFE

    Historic delight

    Life, Sakul Intakul, Published on 15/08/2012

    » My museum, the Museum of Floral Culture, was opened to the public on Aug 12, to commemorate the 80th birthday of HM Queen Sirikit, whose caring and benevolent acts for the arts and culture community have brought the nation prosperity, including in the flower culture community of Thailand. The Museum of Floral Culture is the first and the only one of its kind that celebrates the floral culture of humanity.

  • LIFE

    Beauty in contrast

    Life, Sakul Intakul, Published on 20/06/2012

    » In the course of preparing for the opening of the Museum of Floral Culture to commemorate HM the Queen's 80th birthday in August, I am currently busy working on different aspects of the museum. In addition to the permanent exhibits that are housed in the century-old teak mansion built during the reign of King Rama VI, the garden will also be one of the main highlights of the museum as a living exhibit.

  • LIFE

    Arrangement fit for a goddess

    Life, Sakul Intakul, Published on 04/07/2012

    » Celebrated in the month of October or November in almost all regions of India, Diwali is perhaps the most important of all Hindu festivals. It marks the beginning of the new year in the Hindu calendar and during the festive time of Diwali, the women in many Indian households create rangoli (sacred welcoming areas for Hindu deities) on their living-room floors or outside in the courtyard.

  • LIFE

    Dhamma delight

    Life, Sakul Intakul, Published on 18/07/2012

    » Celebrated throughout the island of Bali once every 210 days, Galungan marks the beginning of Bali's most important religious ceremony. Symbolising the victory of good over evil, Galungan lasts for 10 days and means "When the dhamma is winning".

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