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    Green recovery

    Asia focus, Pattama Kuentak, Published on 08/08/2022

    » As the world emerges from Covid-19 and faces stagflation and war, climate crisis remains one of the greatest threats to humanity. A green recovery has become a priority for policymakers in Southeast Asia and around the world, who aim to create a more sustainable path that focuses on the environment, climate change and disaster preparedness.


    Financial transformation

    Asia focus, Pattama Kuentak, Published on 04/07/2022

    » The financial sector is on the cusp of yet another transformation. Customers emerging from Covid-19 are demanding new and better sets of services to meet their new consumption patterns, be it how they shop, eat, work or transfer money. It's a dramatic shift that is compelling banks to transform or risk being left behind.


    'My coconut farm looks like a forest'

    Asia focus, Pattama Kuentak, Published on 06/06/2022

    » Environmental issues such as climate change, plastic pollution, and now the Russia-Ukraine war, have shed light on the importance of food sustainability across the world. Thailand is no exception.


    Time for plastic detox

    Asia focus, Pattama Kuentak, Published on 09/05/2022

    » Anyone who has ever strolled along a beach is familiar with the sight … plastic straws, snack packaging, some of it dating back years, plastic bottles and other junk washed up on the sand. It's enough to spoil your vacation memories -- and it's also part of a global crisis.


    Building comfort

    Asia focus, Pattama Kuentak, Published on 25/04/2022

    » Micah Tamthai loves travelling. His most recent adventure was a three-week road trip through the western United States last September after travel restrictions were eased.


    Gold-medal viewing

    Asia focus, Pattama Kuentak, Published on 04/04/2022

    » The Covid-19 pandemic left Olympic sporting venues almost empty of fans, but the experience of watching the Games has become richer and more enjoyable than ever thanks to cloud-enabled broadcasting technology.


    Stumbling but hopeful

    Asia focus, Pattama Kuentak, Published on 07/03/2022

    » Domestic travellers have been the lifeline for tourism-reliant countries, especially in Southeast Asia, for the past two pandemic-battered years. But even as countries start scrapping restrictions to welcome international visitors back, some pandemic uncertainties persist and now a crisis in Ukraine threatens the global economic recovery as a whole.


    Second innings

    Asia focus, Pattama Kuentak, Published on 21/02/2022

    » There are no perpetual competitors in today's complex business world. Talented executives increasingly can be found jumping from one firm to another. Rajiv Ramaswami is a case in point. He worked for Nutanix's competitors before, but now he's thrilled to be leading the global cloud company into its "second innings" as its new CEO.


    Labour outlook troubling

    Asia focus, Pattama Kuentak, Published on 24/01/2022

    » The global labour market has suffered a setback from waves of the pandemic, with the recovery depending on each country's ability to contain and respond to coronavirus outbreaks, according to the International Labour Organization (ILO).


    Searching within

    Asia focus, Pattama Kuentak, Published on 17/01/2022

    » At first sight, Anthony Tan doesn't look much like his publicity photograph. His grey hair is short and in the stage of growing back after having been shaved. So are his eyebrows. The explanation? He recently spent some time ordained as a monk.

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