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    Biopic takes no prisoners

    B Magazine, Jim Algie, Published on 06/07/2014

    » Conflicted characters make for some of the best protagonists and hinges for dramatic tension.


    Songs in the key of death

    Spectrum, Jim Algie, Published on 23/03/2014

    » Black metal musicians are more infamous for wreaking havoc than they are for making music. That legacy includes arson attacks on historic churches, murders, suicides and a police investigation into a Norwegian band called Gorgoroth who staged a Satanic black mass in Poland in 2004, complete with dozens of severed sheep heads on stakes, 80 litres of sheep blood and four nude models tied to crosses.

  • LIFE

    Early blueprints for bar scene scribes

    B Magazine, Jim Algie, Published on 21/04/2013

    » Years before the obscenity trial that allowed Henry Miller's Tropic of Cancer to finally be published in America which, along with Playboy and Erica Jong's Fear of Flying, helped to bring sex in from the margins of pornography to the bedrooms of suburbia, two British authors enjoyed scandalous successes by exposing the brothels and bargirls of Asia.


    Boozing altruist a 'Kindly Killer'

    News, Jim Algie, Published on 06/05/2012

    » What sort of person leans over a sub-machine gun bolted to the floor, takes aim at a target on a white curtain in front of a condemned man strapped to a cross, and then pumps 10 to 15 bullets into his back?


    Sowing the seeds of change

    Spectrum, Jim Algie, Published on 05/02/2012

    » The premise of the film Food, Inc reads like an Orwellian take on farming and agriculture, where a multinational has patented seeds, employing dozens of private investigators and a freephone hotline to track down farmers accused of stealing them, where just 13 abattoirs have monopolised the US meat market and incubated a slew of killer viruses and are run like assembly lines, and the illegal immigrants who staff them are treated only slightly better than the animals.

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