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    Slum justice

    Life, Father Joe Maier, Published on 12/08/2019

    » Her screams saved her life. Lordy Lord that girl could scream. Never heard such screaming.

  • LIFE

    Klong Toey's own worker of magic

    Life, Father Joe Maier, Published on 02/07/2019

    » Jae Muey usually dressed in a secondhand slightly frayed wedding dress, looking very much like a fairy godmother. But she didn't do any whambo-bambo Harry Potter stuff. None of her magic shot out of a fancy wand. Rather, her special powers came from a beautiful soul and a faded three-wheel rickety push cart with a squeaky side wheel.

  • LIFE

    Keeping the dream alive

    Life, Father Joe Maier, Published on 22/04/2019

    » When Granny ordered her daughter and her daughter's "live-in" to move out of their Klong Toey shack, there was no wiggle room for argument and debate. To emphasise this point, Granny had a long pistol, the trigger of which she had never in her life pulled, but a gun, nevertheless.

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    Hope and sorrow

    Life, Father Joe Maier, Published on 04/03/2019

    » For several years a five-year-old girl we call Miss Ice lived in a shack with her 25-year-old HIV-infected, tuberculosis-sick mum and three stray dogs no one ever bothered to name.

  • LIFE

    A Christmas story

    Life, Father Joe Maier, Published on 25/12/2018

    » A Klong Toey miss. Smartest in her senior class, captain of her Bangkok league-winning volleyball team. Beautiful long black hair coming down to her shoulders -- tall like her dad. Born to a devout Buddhist family on Christmas Day. But on her 18th birthday and Christmas, she is fighting back tears, as she vows to do this impossible thing for her dying mum.

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    From low to high

    Life, Father Joe Maier, Published on 12/11/2018

    » Seventeen years ago, Mum gave birth to a healthy son in a provincial prison hospital two hours outside of Bangkok. She named her son Ake. To avoid the nightmare of trying to remember who might have been the actual father of her child, she had blessed him with her own last name.

  • LIFE

    School of redemption

    Life, Father Joe Maier, Published on 22/10/2018

    » Long ago, on their way home from the slum slaughterhouse, a half-dozen Klong Toey lads stopped in at a new neighbourhood "beer hall" to enjoy a pint. It was three in the morning and they had just finished butchering their night's quota of pork.


    The lost scavenger

    Spectrum, Father Joe Maier, Published on 13/05/2018

    » From the second floor window of their flat, Pretty Molly sees her slum scavenger husband returning from a day of foraging. Her snippy stray mongrel barks excitedly as Pretty Molly begins shouting out the window to him.


    Getting to graduation with leaps, rebounds

    Spectrum, Father Joe Maier, Published on 22/04/2018

    » Dressed in graduation cap and gown, pink ribbons in her hair, Miss Pu Glin posed for her first-ever official photo looking regal and confident. She even had a hint of swagger.


    Christmas legends of Klong Toey

    Spectrum, Father Joe Maier, Published on 24/12/2017

    » Our kids love to tell the story year after year, Christmas after Christmas. Tell their version, the way their grandmothers and great-grandmothers told them. These are the oldest Catholic people still alive in the slums. Way back in the old Catholic slaughterhouse area of Klong Toey, you can hear the living legends told.

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