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    Buying property in Thailand

    By Anonymous, Created on: 17/02/2006, Last updated on: 11/11/2011

    » Nothing much to say here is there, i think that IAN has told us all there is to know and believe me.......... .he's right.

    • Anonymous commented : extortion, human trafficking, weapons smuggling and money laundering. Pol Gen Sombat said the motorcycle gang extorts money from local businesses on Koh Samui or uses drug revenues to take them over. They have also bribed local officials to issue illegal land ownership documents on public land. Amlo will be asked to take legal measures against those involved in money laundering, said the DSI chief, adding seven cases of land encroachment on Koh Samui were being investigated by his department.

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    About Face.

    By Sean Moran, Created on: 14/10/2008, Last updated on: 13/04/2014

    » One olde axiom that comes to mind is, '[i:3b539sim]If you can't say something nice, then keep your mouth s.h.u.t.[/i:3b539sim]' Just a thread that pertains to one of the cultural differences one might notice in venturing from a typical 'westernised' society of the assertive kind to the shores of...

    • klauskent commented : Face in Thai Culture Randall Moss said, “Understanding Thai culture is quite irrelevant. I lived in Thaland for three years. I have eyes and ears, and it does not take a mental giant to see how hypocritical the saving face philosophy is. in principal I understand the idea quite well. It really comes down to saving ones respect and moral integrity. Someone tell me how this is practiced in Thailand as a good guiding principle.” I suggest the following: Any one precept of “Thai culture” (like saving face) cannot be understood without an understanding of how that one precept is interrelated with the entire Thai cultural system. When you understand the whole, you can better comprehend the seemingly incomprehensible pieces. Thai culture (when adhered to) is a functioning and viable system with its own checks, balances, and leveling mechanisms built in. If you analyze the culture long enough you will see that many Thai cultural precepts are actually the cure and not the problem. I think Randall’s problem is that he got lost somewhere between the emic and etic approach. As an insider, (Thai or Farang) a person may save face and slither away without histrionics and a mad display, but that person knows full well that there are at least 5 other Thai precepts that will hold him (or her) responsible at a later date. First and foremost the person that has (for the moment) saved face will be subjected to the insidious trampling of the Thai rumor mill. This is a much worse fate than loosing face in public. *The transgressor will face humiliation among the local social network. This has economic as well as social repercussions, especially in a society that is communal based rather than a western model where independence is the norm. Thais live or die socially and or economically on patronage networks and family ties. Once they are excluded they will wither. Even the richest Thais I know, if they are not “accepted” will pretty much live in purgatory on a daily basis. I think the problem here is that Farangs don’t know how to react properly within the cultural contexts they are placed. When a Thai does something incongruent with what was agreed upon, don’t jump up and down like a mad dog. Do what a well cultured and mannered Thai person would do. 1) Act calmly, speak quietly, and simply Never do business or socialize with them again, exclude them forever. 2) If you see them again, act polite, smile as if nothing is wrong, and continue on your way. If they inquire or ask something of you- make a polite excuse. They will FULLY understand what has happened. In the end, the Thai smile is a formidable weapon when applied correctly. If you are truly wronged, feed the story to the Thai gossip mill. The transgressor will loose more than face. Once they commit enough transgressions they will be ostracized thereby loosing their access to wealth, prestige, and power. But you positively must make sure you hold them to the precepts of their own culture in order to be effective, and you the Farang must have a pretty good standing in the community and be somewhat well respected for this to be effective. How is all this beneficial? Well, for one, saving face is conflict avoidance. This means tempers remain calm (Jai Yen) and there are no acts of violence and or subsequent violent reprisals. The transgressors generally get what’s coming to them (som nam na) and we can all act as civilized Humans and not mad apes. Additionally, There are some words in English that do not have a corollary word in the Thai lexicon. The verb, “to patronize” for example, the Thais I have spoken to, have a very hard time understanding the meaning of that word is. Words and categories are man made referents. Thus the comprehension and adherence to their resultant conditions is culture bound. Expecting your average Thai to adhere to social systems that are largely unknown to them, borders on Racism and a form of Neo-colonialism. However, I would imagine that Randall, by saying, “Understanding Thai culture is quite irrelevant” and then saying, “saving face is hypocritical”, rather misses the boat im afraid. How does he hope to understand Thai culture if he believes it is “irrelevant” to understand Thai culture? His statement is an ad absurdum. *[Please note- these social norms do not apply to bar girls but rather your average Thai person in your average context and setting]

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    Mercedes killer Honda girl Red Bull heir

    By terry, Created on: 30/01/2009, Last updated on: 03/03/2015

    » Well, sometimes the rich and famous due get locked up. ... rs-in-jail

    • fast eddy commented : Mo, Yeah, welcome, its always good to hear from people still wearing the rosy glasses. This boy, as you quiet rightly put it has benefitted from an extremely cosseted childhood where accounting for your actions doesn't exist. If you stay here in Thailand you will see this often - take the kids of of Chalerm Yumbamrung et al. The list is very long and shameful. These people do not show any respect for the rule of law, the dignity of those they feel are beneath them and live off the reputation/connections/financial clout of their parents. Welcome to your new world! Thankyou for your concern over my personal life. Yes, it does pain me to see such acts which are reminiscent of feudal Europe. Thankfully on the whole, our countries have got passed such excesses though as you mentioned America still has some way to go given the conduct of 'W'. I think I was very shocked at how his family felt that his actions were exceedingly trivial given that in their opinion such low class citizens who use buses don't deserve human rights and the right to life. If you check it out you will see the compensation handed over was extremely low - a very poor trade for a life As your quite rightly state, he wouldn't be allowed to walk free and continue to use his weapon of destruction to get around if he had committed his heinous act in China. Still, you have to learn all of this for yourself as we can't teach you - good luck and hope your second year is as rosy and that you don't have to read about Mu Ham battering his car into buses for the third time! cheers Fast Eddy

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    Land purchase through Thai spouse forbidden: Land Dept

    By Suttisan, Created on: 28/05/2009, Last updated on: 02/10/2016

    » -- Land purchase through Thai spouse forbidden: Land Dept The director general of the Land Department has reiterated that foreigners using Thai nominees to buy land anywhere in the country will have their land title deeds revoked if caught – even if the nominee in question is a lawfully wedded...

    • Ian commented : an power, this is why we sell weapons to our enemies. One day they will discover that they have money but no power, then they lose their money.

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    Terrorist Charge “Unacceptable” by PAD

    By Just-1-Voice2, Created on: 16/07/2009, Last updated on: 18/07/2009

    » Is this some kind of joke? Since when does an accused have the right to tell the police: “No, sorry, I won’t accept that charge.” These self-rightist Fascists have violated both International Law, as well as Thai Law (Article 6 (bi) of the Criminal Code), but instead of fighting in court,...

    • Junglejim commented : ing 100 rounds from automatic weapons into Sondi's car was unable to kill any of the three people inside? The car was not bullet proof either. I know that a pick-up with some of Sondi's body guards came up behind but still it didn't come immediately, and we don't have any details of how many people were in that pick up guarding Sondi and supposedly they wouldn't have had the military style weapons either. Would be nice to see diagrams or a simple explanation as to how Sondi was able to avoid the bullets besides the one of course.

    • ThaimanX10 commented : a painted on it that had many weapons including an Isuzu that was stolen from the Government house. I think, but I am not sure, that war weapons at the Airport is also Terrorism. Oh, also the emergency decree was in place, however the army and the police did not adhere to it. Regardless if they did not obey it the emergency decree was violated.

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    Padding the facts

    Database, Published on 10/02/2010

    » What a difference an "a" makes, announced Apple as it introduced its new iPad (not iPod) tablet; it is the successor to the Apple Newton MessagePad, which went out of production in 1998 after dozens were sold; like the Newton, the iPad will let users write directly on it and save to memory, and cost less than $1,500, or about 50,000 baht in real 2010 money. The Apple iPad tablet (said a writer at Popular Mechanics magazine) might shake up six industries: it could give revenue to newspapers, rebuild comic books because it has colour, make a whole new platform for magazine publishers, revolutionise mobile gaming, kill netbooks for couch surfing, and boost the market for PC parts starting with flash memory.

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    Service centres set up to reassure foreign visitors

    Business, Chatrudee Theparat, Published on 10/03/2010

    » The government is setting up special service centres to help tourists prior to and after the planned anti-government rallies in Bangkok this weekend.

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    Pay the consequences

    Database, Published on 24/03/2010

    » Li Yizhong, the Chinese minister of industry and information technology, explained that Google had many choices about working and living in China; for example, it can obey every Chinese law on censoring the Internet, or it can refuse to obey the law and "pay the consequences" or, well, come to think of it, that is the complete list of choices; if Google stays, great; if Google goes "is up to them, but if they leave, China's Internet market is still going to develop", whereby "market" the minister actually meant to say massive and growing censorship, government control and restrictions on all types of online freedom to speak or learn; China and Google continued to insist they were talking, but Beijing insisted publicly and it often needs to censor Internet content to protect the rights of the country and its people.

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    foreigners have got no rights?

    By majoy, Created on: 24/03/2010, Last updated on: 12/04/2010

    » We moved to this new house six months ago and everything is fine except for the noisy dogs next door. I spoke to the owner and asked if they could make their dogs quiet and she said it's not their dogs fault but the dog opposite who always stand outside their gate and make their dogs ridiculous!...

    • olongt commented : I got the same story and It not works out after talk nicely with dog owners, I decide to use this way and 3 dogs around my house either stop barking or increasing barking nonstop. 3-5 days later owners get rid their dog by themselves. Now around my house is no noisy dog any more. It work for me so should work for you (no matter where you live! ) (Note: This weapon is the last option!). 1) Need: -A small speaker -Small electric Wire (the length depend on distance from your PC/laptop to speaker) -Laptop or PC 2) Download Dog Whistle here: Each WAV or MP3 is 10 seconds long at the specified frequency. 3) Connection: -Place speaker in backyard far away from your ear (because you don’t want to hear it) -Connect audio out from laptop to speaker via wire -Play DogWhistle sounds (either WAV or MP3) through the speaker(s) if you're going to listen to them –( Adjust volume to not disturbing human nor dogs owners! ) >>Play all sounds repeatly when you’re not home (1-10 hours day or night). ** Hope it help!

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