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    In the pink

    Muse, Napamon Roongwitoo, Published on 25/10/2014

    » Pink ribbons — and the colour pink in general — have long been a symbol of breast cancer awareness, expressing moral support for those who are going through the illness and encouraging all women to take care of their breasts.

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    The fruits of collaboration

    Life, Napamon Roongwitoo, Published on 11/09/2014

    » Thailand's three southernmost provinces, Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat, are often regarded in a negative light thanks to ongoing unrest. But they are home to many great cultures, travel destinations and high-quality agricultural products.

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    Guru, Napamon Roongwitoo, Published on 01/01/2016

    » Another year has come around, and apart from being a year older, I do not really feel any real change coming. The weather will still be record-breakingly hot and humid in March. Winter will refuse to arrive in November. It's just so predictable.

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    Danish delight

    Muse, Napamon Roongwitoo, Published on 09/05/2015

    » It seems like we can’t escape coming face to face with the hipster trend, and today’s streetwear fashion goes hand in hand with it. Streetwear, however, can be slippery to define, and what looks street chic on one person might look sloppy on another.

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    Made-up and Macho

    Muse, Napamon Roongwitoo, Published on 21/03/2015

    » Make-up and men were separate matters in the past, but more and more males today consider it a part of their lives. From Kohl-rimmed eyes sported by rock stars to CC creams worn by celebrities, make-up is no longer a stranger to urban men.

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    Remembering a local couture legend

    Life, Napamon Roongwitoo, Published on 07/10/2014

    » It’s not often that nearly two dozen of Thailand’s leading fashion labels come together for a single purpose, and even more unusual that they would create a series of exquisite dresses just for one event, especially at what is typically a very busy time of year for their design teams.

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    Best face forward

    Muse, Napamon Roongwitoo, Published on 25/10/2014

    » Facial contouring has become a rather normal practice that women no longer have to lie about. Not every woman, however, is up for needles and knives. As a result, many products are now available with the wonderful promise of giving you that coveted V-shaped face, without any pain or discomfort.

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    Eyes on the trends

    Muse, Napamon Roongwitoo, Published on 16/08/2014

    » The autumn/winter 2014 season is indeed a colourful one, with brights and neon hues dotting almost every label's collection. Make-up trends head in the same direction — rather than sticking to classic winter looks, such as greyscale smokey eyes and frosty Ice Queen paleness, this season is all about adding a graphic pop of colour against nude, porcelain skin.

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    Be a metal head

    Muse, Napamon Roongwitoo, Published on 23/08/2014

    » No longer reserved for late-night parties, shimmery metallic lids are a major beauty trend this autumn, according to the season's runways. Metallic hues played a large part in setting the mood and tone of the collections of Emporio Armani, Issey Miyake, Donna Karan and Dior.

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    Treated like a queen

    Life, Napamon Roongwitoo, Published on 02/09/2014

    » To celebrate Banyan Tree Group's 20th anniversary, the luxury hotel brand has crafted an all-new spa experience for weary urbanites seeking serene pampering with a touch of Thainess. Royal Thai Treat (6,500 baht) is a 120-minute treatment that pampers your body and soul by using naturally nourishing ingredients.

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