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    New poll date promise yet to be tested

    News, Umesh Pandey, Published on 28/02/2018

    » On Jan 1, 2018, the <i>Bangkok Post</i> took the bold step of sending a message to the coup-led government of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha that there were just 329 days remaining before the election he promised would have to be held.


    Poll delays do nobody any favours

    News, Umesh Pandey, Published on 21/01/2018

    » Once again, hopes of an election in November this year seem to be slipping with each passing day -- the latest blow coming courtesy of the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) vote on Friday to change Section 2 of the organic law on the election of members of parliament.


    Suvarnabhumi greed harms AOT's goals

    News, Umesh Pandey, Published on 04/03/2018

    » Traveling through airports is always fun when one is loaded with money; the Hermes, the Louis Vuittons or the various restaurants offer great place to spend one's time and possibly get a place to sit.


    Broken vows test patience to the limit

    News, Umesh Pandey, Published on 28/01/2018

    » The military government has managed to break yet another promise as its proteges who go by the name of the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) last week passed a bill that could delay the long-promised general election by another 90 days.


    Decisive and diversified

    Asia focus, Umesh Pandey, Published on 24/04/2017

    » Many critics wrote off Kumar Mangalam Birla when he took the helm of one of India's leading businesses as a 28-year-old rookie. But the reviews in recent years have been mostly positive for the man who has helped build a conglomerate that is among the world leaders in the fields in which it operates.


    New financial frontiers

    Asia focus, Umesh Pandey, Published on 18/01/2016

    » The emerging markets of Asean will be the key growth drivers for Group Lease Plc, one of Thailand's leading hire-purchase firms, which expects its earnings to surge this year despite the gloomy regional and global outlook.


    Air of disruption

    Asia focus, Umesh Pandey, Published on 02/11/2015

    » 'For entrepreneurs, choosing your co-founders is like a professional marriage," says Nathan Blecharczyk. "You're going to go through tough times and you need to remember that ideas can change but business partners can't."


    Forever in tune

    Asia focus, Umesh Pandey, Published on 15/06/2015

    » 'Do not call me Madam, please call me Asha ji," were the first words from Asha Bhosle when I met the legendary singer who has contributed 13,000 songs to Indian films over a seven-decade career.


    Staying in shape

    Asia focus, Umesh Pandey, Published on 01/06/2015

    » Asian banks remain healthy and have managed to avoid the ongoing problems faced by some multinationals that have been divesting assets left, right and centre, say some of the region's top finance executives.


    Cambodia calling

    Asia focus, Umesh Pandey, Published on 14/09/2015

    » As Thai companies start to see their sales tapering off amid slow domestic consumption, some are reaping the benefits of earlier decisions to enter markets where the risks at times have spooked other investors aware of their chequered history.

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