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    History needs Help

    Asia focus, Published on 09/03/2015

    » Settled between the green warehouses of Yangon's Jetty Wharf, the historic colonial-era Keighley Street Goods Office of Burma Railways is in disrepair.


    What really counts

    Asia focus, Published on 08/09/2014

    » Now that Myanmar has got over the initial shock of learning that it has 9 million fewer people than it thought it had, experts are debating the impact that the first reliable population data in decades will have on the economy.


    Yangon’s new look

    Asia focus, Published on 15/07/2014

    » Some call it romantic, others rustic – the way mildew covers the façades of hundreds of fading historic buildings of Myanmar’s largest city.


    Through the looking glass

    Asia focus, Published on 06/01/2014

    » Hidden in the back streets of Yangon through dirt roads and dense foliage lie the unmarked ruins of a factory where a community of famed glassmakers used to come to create.


    Sweet dreams

    Asia focus, Published on 01/07/2013

    » The sugar palm is a national symbol for Cambodia. Harvested by the country’s poor for centuries, no part of the palm tree goes to waste in a process that fashions the tree into a range of products.


    Made in Cambodia

    Asia focus, Published on 13/05/2013

    » More than a decade ago, global manufacturing companies staged a mass exodus to Asia in search of low-cost alternatives to increasing domestic wage demands and operational costs. They expanded the regional supply chain that had formed in countries such as Vietnam and Indonesia, while taking advantage of low wages offered by the world’s largest exporter in China. The strategy bolstered many a bottom line, but now things are changing.


    Cambodia gets rolling

    Asia focus, Published on 07/05/2013

    » It is hard to imagine, but Cambodia makes its own cars. A country known for its low-skilled workforce, Cambodia exceeded expectations with its release in January of the Angkor Car, a mini-electric vehicle able to get up to 300 kilometres per charge.


    Pay as you go on two wheels

    Asia focus, Published on 04/03/2013

    » Motorcycles are the lifeblood for a lot of people in Southeast Asia. Affordable and easy to maintain, they have for decades carried millions of people to and from their homes, making commerce and efficient transport possible in places where it once didn’t exist.


    Up in smoke

    Asia focus, Published on 26/02/2013

    » Two cigarette brands distributed by two of Cambodia’s most prominent and connected tycoons are being smuggled from Cambodia to Vietnam at an estimated rate of more than 300 million packs a year. The practice is contributing to tobacco manufacturers’ losses of nearly US$200 million annually, according to trade documents and industry experts.


    Cambodia’s green retreat

    Asia focus, Published on 18/02/2013

    » With the tourist trail expanding across the key provinces of Cambodia, there is certainly a fair share of places from boutique hotels to high-end resorts for visitors to crash, but it is perhaps the eco-conscious options that are drawing the most attention from travellers.

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