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The popular decimation of India's democracy

Oped, Pranab Bardhan, Published on 18/05/2024

» India's ongoing parliamentary election, in which nearly a billion people casting their votes over a six-week period, should represent an extraordinary exercise of democracy. The bleak reality, however, is that the election appears poised to consolidate a decade-long process of democratic decay, which has included the decimation of liberal institutions and practices and weakening of political competition. After all, the leader who has presided over this process -- Prime Minister Narendra Modi of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) -- remains wildly popular.



Livid about Lumpini

Oped, Postbag, Published on 17/05/2024

» Re: "No surprises", (PostBag, May 13), & "Accident waiting to happen", (BP, May 12).


For journalists, neutrality is not the goal

Oped, Published on 17/05/2024

» My ability to be neutral as a political journalist depends on the intellectual honesty of the people -- and the society -- I cover.


Is climate action a trump card?

News, Published on 13/05/2024

» If former US president Donald Trump returns to the White House next year, China needs to step up to assume the mantle of global climate leadership -- an outcome that many have considered impossible. After all, China has been the world's biggest emitter of greenhouse gases for nearly two decades, currently accounting for 35% of global carbon dioxide emissions. But geopolitical dynamics can shift quickly in the face of conflict, economic strife and crucial elections, meaning that China could soon be seen in a new light.


Petty dealings

Postbag, Published on 12/05/2024

» Re: "Court fines NACC over Prawit watches secrecy", (BP, May 10).



Asian shares on course for third week of gains

Business, Published on 11/05/2024

» RECAP: Asian stocks rose on Friday, on course for a third week of gains, while the dollar was steady as fresh signs of an easing US labour market stoked optimism about interest rate cuts before the year is out.


The rise of AI in political warfare

News, Published on 07/05/2024

» This year promises to be a whopper for elective government, with billions of people -- or more than 40% of the world's population -- able to vote in an election. But nearly five months into 2024, some government officials are quietly wondering why the looming risk of AI hasn't, apparently, played out. Even as voters in Indonesia and Pakistan have gone to the polls, they are seeing little evidence of viral deepfakes skewing an electoral outcome, according to a recent article in Politico, which cited "national security officials, tech company executives and outside watchdog groups". AI, they said, wasn't having the "mass impact" that they expected. That is a painfully shortsighted view. The reason? AI may be disrupting elections right now, and we just don't know it.


Israel, Hamas and the elusive ceasefire

Oped, Gwynne Dyer, Published on 07/05/2024

» Hamas did not need a ceasefire. It had already demonstrated that Israel could not eradicate it. It had achieved its primary goal of wrecking the anti-Iran alliance that was brewing between Israel and the major Arab Gulf states. And it doesn't care about how many Palestinians get killed; they are all "martyrs" for the cause.


Our freedoms depend on press freedom too

News, Published on 06/05/2024

» In just the first week of this year, at least 18 journalists were assaulted while covering alleged election irregularities and violence in Bangladesh. Then, in early February, journalists in Pakistan were hindered from covering elections by a wave of violence, widespread internet blackouts, and mobile-network suspensions. In March, journalists in Turkey were shot at and banned from observing local elections.


Must media democratisation be bad for us?

News, Published on 29/04/2024

» Sometimes, the fulfilment of a promise feels like punishment. When the radio was invented more than 100 years ago, the German playwright Bertolt Brecht observed that its full potential could be explored only after it had become a communication tool, rather than merely a distribution channel. After all, there is a big difference between the few being able to speak to the many, and everyone being able to speak with everyone else.