ตำรวจภูธรภาค1 แถลงข่าวสรุปสำนวนคดีการตายของนางสาวภัทรธิดาพัชระวีรพงษ์ที่ห้องประชุมอมรวิวัฒน์กองบัญชาการตำรวจภูธรภาค1 ++++++++++++++++++++++ Published caption:: Murky waters...Police show a video clip taken of the speedboat in which TV actress Nida ‘Tangmo’ Patcharaveerapong was travelling with friends on Feb 24, at a press conference to announce the results of their investigation into the actress’s death. The police, who  arrived at the briefing carrying bundles of investigation files, concluded she died due to the reckless actions of the other individuals on the boat. They will ask the prosecution  to indict six suspects on charges including reckless endangerment causing death. Photos by Pattarapong Chatpattarasill 

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แตงโม ภัทรธิดา พัชระวีรพงษ์

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April 26, 2022