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    The faux democracy that Prayut may build

    News, Surasak Glahan, Published on 19/09/2018

    » When building a house, hiring a contractor whose credentials are more about demolishing structures than building new ones could turn into a nightmare. You could hardly blame such an inexperienced contractor if your house collapsed.


    Plagiarism is innovation's cul-de-sac

    News, Surasak Glahan, Published on 07/09/2018

    » What's new? That's what my reaction was when I learnt about the plagiarism allegation levelled at Thai architect Duangrit Bunnag over the winning design for Suvarnabhumi airport's new terminal that has been ongoing over the past week.


    How will post-poll Thailand look?

    News, Surasak Glahan, Published on 20/08/2018

    » Now the Election Commission and the National Council for Peace and Order have promised to hold the general election on Feb 24 next year, should we remain hopeful that the move will eventually lead Thailand to transition into a more democratic state? The answer largely depends on our expectations of the outcome, as well as the form of democracy that we want -- and we can look southeasterly to Cambodia, or westerly to Myanmar to get a rough idea of what Thailand's new beginning may be like.


    No signs of regret for jobs poorly done

    News, Surasak Glahan, Published on 12/07/2018

    » As one deputy leader, who runs the government, has given an unconvincing and feeble defence about him taking a nap at work, another deputy, who runs the Royal Thai Police, has pursued a retaliatory lawsuit against a lawyer who dared to bring up a case of his office's incompetency which wrongly sent her client to jail.


    Justice flaws condemn death penalty

    News, Surasak Glahan, Published on 02/07/2018

    » A latest claim by an eyewitness, that executed murder convict Teekrasak Longji was not a murderer, has mostly been buried in the death penalty debate where emotions ran high over the past two weeks.


    Welfare blues as scheme proves a slog

    News, Surasak Glahan, Published on 20/06/2018

    » As the Social Security Office (SSO) is proposing a plan for salaried workers and their employers to pay more to its scheme by raising the contribution cap of 750 baht a month to 1,000 baht, I thought it was time for me to claim the benefits that I have rarely used.


    World Cup is fun, mystery killings are not

    News, Surasak Glahan, Published on 18/06/2018

    » Similar to the World Cup in Russia, the justice system in Thailand has never run short of spectators holding their breath hoping for a just and fair play. Like a football match, they pick their team.


    Hun Sen, NCPO sing the same tune

    News, Surasak Glahan, Published on 21/05/2018

    » A string of legislative attacks by Cambodia's ruling regime against its critics and the opposition party since last year have baffled me, not only for their senselessness and brutality, but for the similarity they share with political tactics invented here in Thailand.


    Anti-populism law not for greater good

    News, Surasak Glahan, Published on 09/05/2018

    » Raising one finger during her campaigning to symbolise her party's ballot number ahead of the 2011 election, Yingluck Shinawatra rode a wave of popularity all the way to victory. And now the man who threw her caretaker government out of office in 2014 by force has demonstrated he is not shy of using a similar gimmick.


    Put an end to conscription for good of all

    News, Surasak Glahan, Published on 23/04/2018

    » Last week, I believe it must have been heartbreaking for many Thais who watched a video clip of a young man weeping and almost fainting upon learning he was drafted to serve in the army for two years via the annual conscription round. Yet, I also believe that many of them would oppose any proposal to abolish military conscription, a phenomenon that has long existed by default.

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