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    A sustainable retreat

    Life, Thana Boonlert, Published on 21/09/2023

    » In the southwest of Phnom Penh lies the region's largest surviving rainforest. After landing, I met other travel companions to spend three nights together at a riverside camp. We were split into two vans and headed for Sihanoukville. Downtown shophouses and heavy traffic gave way to lush scenery. No sooner had the hustle faded into the distance than rice paddies, palm trees and mountains came into sight. Here, Cambodia's nature remains undisturbed. In more or less two hours, we arrived at the camp depot.


    Tranquil beauty

    Life, Thana Boonlert, Published on 14/09/2023

    » A powerful earthquake that struck the northwest of Kathmandu in 2015 sent a ripple of destruction through the country. Not far from its epicentre, Bhaktapur bore the brunt of the natural disaster that damaged houses and religious structures. After years of reconstruction, despite lingering signs of ruin, this ancient town continues to preserve harmony between the old and the new.


    Snowy peaks and vibrant culture

    Life, Thana Boonlert, Published on 07/09/2023

    » Debris remains the lingering evidence of a massive earthquake in Nepal in 2015. With the epicentre in the northwest of Kathmandu, followed by hundreds of aftershocks, the natural disaster killed around 9,000 people, injured over 100,000 and impacted around 8 million. As Nepal began to recover, the coronavirus pandemic brought the world to a complete standstill and tourism cracked and collapsed like people's homes.

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    Artists rally to save the Chao Mae Thap Thim Shrine

    Life, Thana Boonlert, Published on 23/08/2023

    » Hemmed in on all sides by construction, colourful paintings are nailed to the metal sheet fences of an age-old community. Inside, there is thoughtful mixed-media artwork, performances and memorabilia left behind in the wake of displacement. Artists are campaigning all-out for the protection of the Chao Mae Thap Thim Shrine ahead of a first court ruling that could result in demolition at the end of the month.


    Move Forward won't vote for Pheu Thai PM candidate

    Thana Boonlert, Published on 21/08/2023

    » The Move Forward Party (MFP) said it would vote against the prime ministerial candidate of the Pheu Thai Party because Pheu Thai was forming a government with military-linked parties.


    MFP to press House on charter rewrite

    News, Thana Boonlert, Published on 17/08/2023

    » The Move Forward Party (MFP) will submit an urgent motion asking the House of Representatives to pass a resolution seeking a public referendum on rewriting the constitution.

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    Memes of dissent

    Life, Thana Boonlert, Published on 14/08/2023

    » It is not as whimsical as it seems. After the onset of the largest pro-democracy movement since the military coup in 2014, university and high school students cuddled hamster dolls and ran around in circles. "Delicious tax!", hundreds of them sang, from a cartoon jingle at Democracy Monument in late July 2020. Crowdsourced from a social media platform, Hamtaro, a shorthand for caged mice demanding freedom, spawned many internet memes, including a greedy caricature of junta leader Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha.


    MFP pushes nine more reform bills

    News, Thana Boonlert, Published on 10/08/2023

    » The Move Forward Party (MFP) has submitted nine more draft laws to parliament as the reformist party pushes for changes which it had promised its supporters in the May 14 general election.

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    Artist breaks down barriers with semi-abstract work

    Life, Thana Boonlert, Published on 09/08/2023

    » Catleeya Asavanant, the country's first artist with Down syndrome, is showcasing semi-abstract artwork in a second solo exhibition this month at 6060 Arts Space.

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    Micro oases in the concrete jungle

    Life, Thana Boonlert, Published on 07/08/2023

    » Created from a scrap of land, a pocket park is a micro oasis of landscaped nature that can breathe new life into grey Bangkok. Spread across a lawn, flowers, shrubs and trees provide respite from the hustle and bustle. The use of solar cells does not cause any pollution. Its universally designed walkway is well-catered to all groups of visitors, including the disabled and elderly. Inside, there is a small space for exercise and leisure.

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