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    Laguna Phuket

    Life, Punsita Ritthikarn, Published on 19/05/2022

    » Surrounded by lush tropical parkland and pristine waters of the Andaman Sea, Laguna Phuket is Southeast Asia's first integrated resort destination for couples and families to discover the romance of travel and enjoy endless activities without leaving this holiday paradise.

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    Conversations through art

    Life, Punsita Ritthikarn, Published on 03/05/2022

    » Following Jim Thompson Art Center's Cold War exhibition series "Shadow Dancing: Where Can We Find a Silver Lining In Challenging Times?" is a second chapter, which depicts the socio-political, economic and cultural scenario of Taiwan and Thailand in the post-World War II period.

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    The bonds that connect us

    Life, Punsita Ritthikarn, Published on 20/04/2022

    » Before any warning sign of armed conflict in Europe, Viktoria Vorotina, a former model and revelatory artist, connected with the spirit of her heart and found inner serenity as seen through an abstract and transformative art collection titled "Hope And Peace". But after Putin's decision to invade her country, triggering a global economic crisis and scores of civilian casualties, the painter from Kyiv now dedicates the collection to bring light into each home and nurture harmony in people's hearts.

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    Love unlimited

    Life, Punsita Ritthikarn, Published on 07/04/2022

    » Very often, the heart motif is used to represent love, affection and emotion. Not surprisingly, the heart shape is a timeless design for a classic piece of jewellery like a ring. In fact, the circular shape of this little trinket conveys eternity and purity. Accordingly, the ring symbolises the commitment between a couple in every era. However, the heart-shaped ring might be too plain for those who look for modernity and good luck in love. The fledgling jewellery brand Chi.Bkk adds a layer of elegance and complexity to its new romantic bijoux collection Eternal Love.


    A trip back in time

    Life, Punsita Ritthikarn, Published on 07/04/2022

    » Originally built in the inner court of the Grand Palace on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, Phra Tamnak Daeng, or Red House, was once the residence of Sri Sudarak, King Rama I's elder sister. Following Queen Sri Suriyendra's request, this wooden house was relocated to Wangderm Palace in Thon Buri where she later spent the rest of her life with her son King Pinklao.

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    An Asian flavour

    Life, Punsita Ritthikarn, Published on 07/04/2022

    » Since ancient times, diverse customs and traditions of art in Southeast Asia such as Japanese woodblock prints and Javanese batik have been utilised. Inspired by this culture, the Sirivannavari & S'Homme spring/summer collection titled "The Rise Of Asian" was unveiled in a fashion show held last Monday evening at Royal Paragon Hall, Siam Paragon.

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    Hermès brings pop-up gym to Bangkok

    Life, Punsita Ritthikarn, Published on 25/03/2022

    » With creative flair, the Parisian luxury brand Hermès is challenging the fashion world in the post-pandemic era by opening a new gym, HermèsFit, where everyone can join in a fit, healthy and lavish lifestyle and also experience the house's fantastic range of accessories as well as silk materials. A few years ago, this fashion and fitness event globally toured in major cities such as Taipei, Shanghai, Paris and New York. Now, it returns to Asia and has a pop-up in Bangkok.

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    Merging art with history

    Life, Punsita Ritthikarn, Published on 15/03/2022

    » The Sam Yan and Suan Luang areas -- charming districts in the heart of Bangkok -- are filled with delicious Asian food and the Chinese-Thai way of life. Over the years, each identity and element of the cultures in this community have been passed on to the new generation.

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    Examining the nature and limits of free will

    Life, Punsita Ritthikarn, Published on 16/03/2022

    » From the past to the present, many libertarians still strongly believe that humans possess free will and they can act freely, approving of their own decisions in life. When it comes to the topic of free will, it gives rise to the controversial question of whether we have freedom, and to what degree we have control over everything in our lives.

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    Elevate your cold brew with Goat Coffee

    Life, Punsita Ritthikarn, Published on 18/03/2022

    » Living in a fast-paced world, some people often skip their breakfast and start their busy day with a morning cup of latte or a shot of cold brew. However, it takes a bit of effort to brew your perfect coffee at home if you don't want to sway in the queue at the cafe. Luckily, the fledgling brand Goat Coffee has created a splendid assistant to help coffee lovers make different types of their favourite blend in just a few minutes.

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