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    But this time I really mean it! celebrity new year resolutions

    Brunch, Published on 30/12/2012

    » It's the time of year to wipe the slate clean again and declare one's good intentions. 'Brunch' spoke to four celebrities about their aspirations for 2013, and the answers ranged from lofty goals of self-improvement to a desire to slow down and take a deep breath.

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    A year of tears

    Life, Published on 13/10/2017

    » One year ago today, Thailand lost a great king, the moral and spiritual centre of the entire nation. Upon hearing the news, people sobbed on the bus, wept on the train, cried in the office. It's one of those rare moments in life that affected all of us in such a way that we remember exactly where we were and how we felt when the reality of what happened set in. One year on, we ask dozens of people from all walks of life about how they remember that fateful day.

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    Aggressive investment when young

    Jon Fernquest, Published on 20/02/2012

    » Started with gift money, now holds stock portfolio worth 1 million baht at age 25, aims to raise value to 10 million in five years

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    Taking down The ‘Third World’

    Life, Pimrapee Thungkasemvathana, Published on 03/09/2014

    » In 1974, Mao Zedong decided China was part of the Third World, not the Second World as categorised by the Communist block. Mao's idea of the Third World deviated from Cold War-era political ideologies and discounted the history of colonialism and imperialism. His "Third World" was a band of non-aligned nations falling behind those which were more rich and powerful — the US and Soviet Union in the First World; Japan, Canada, Australia and the rest of Europe in the Second World.

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    Countdown to minimum wage hike

    Jon Fernquest, Published on 09/03/2012

    » Such a huge jump in the minimum wage has never happened before & many are worried what will happen.

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    Bridging the gap

    Spectrum, Published on 09/04/2017

    » 'The more I got to study major subjects, the more depressed I felt about being at university," said Varisa Tharawat, who is in her second year at Mahidol University but is a first-year student in the communication design department.

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    Free condoms at gay nightspots

    Jon Fernquest, Published on 01/04/2011

    » 30% of the 10,097 new HIV cases expected this year will be gay men, Condom Points at nightspots will hand out free condoms.

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    Princess christens newly found snails

    News, Ariane Kupferman-Sutthavong, Published on 10/09/2015

    » Researchers from Chulalongkorn University have discovered two new species of snails that are only found in Thailand.

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    Real cut-ups

    News, Alan Dawson, Published on 04/06/2017

    » Killing someone in cold blood takes a special kind of mindset, where by "special" we mean brutally disordered. Choking and then battering the victim, then saying "Now hand me the saw" is well beyond special.

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    What's trending and happening this week

    Muse, Apipar Norapoompipat, Published on 18/03/2017

    » 1. Flying as a couple (or gang) just got even sweeter with the new double bed and adjustable panels unveiled by Qatar Airways last week. This QSuite, which allows groups to socialise or create their own room, will be in operation in June. In the meantime, try to score a trip to your dream destination by taking part in their "Going Places Together" campaign. Visit for a chance to win round-trip tickets valued at more than 200,000 baht. Between this year and next, a total of 15 new destinations will be launched. Later this year, the airline will also be flying to Chiang Mai, and new spots such as Canberra, Auckland, Dublin, Las Vegas, Rio de Janeiro, Sarajevo, Skopje and Nice.

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