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    Everybody's watching the 'Rolex general'

    News, Atiya Achakulwisut, Published on 23/01/2018

    » How much is Deputy Prime Minister Gen Prawit Wongsuwon worth? Is the military regime willing to bet the farm to save the scandalous "Rolex general" at all costs?

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    Myanmar tragedy

    News, Editorial, Published on 23/01/2018

    » A pair of highly respected envoys are to arrive in Myanmar today, and it is hoped the government and army are ready to listen. Top priority for ex-foreign minister Surakiart Sathirathai and the former US ambassador to the United Nations, Bill Richardson, is the fate of two Reuters reporters who face trial on absurd national security charges. Myanmar has already asked the Thai and American experts for help with their self-made crisis over the Rohingya of Rakhine state.

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    The challenges of Rohingya repatriation

    News, Nehginpao Kipgen, Published on 23/01/2018

    » As per the bilateral agreement between Myanmar and Bangladesh, the repatriation of Rohingya refugees from Bangladesh to Myanmar begins today. However, there are concerns, apprehension, and a certain degree of danger surrounding the move.

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    Crypto markets aren't all the same

    News, Leonid Bershidsky, Published on 23/01/2018

    » There's a compelling reason to consider what's going on with cryptocurrencies a purely speculative boom-and-bust roller-coaster: Over a three-month period, the prices of all the top coins and tokens are rather strongly correlated, going up and down in unison. What does that make them if not the 21st-century incarnation of tulip bulbs?

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    Are SE Asian leaders using 'fake news' to tighten grip?

    News, Published on 23/01/2018

    » Governments across Southeast Asia have a history of using laws and the judiciary to curb press freedoms -- now they have found a handy crutch to lean on as they intensify clampdowns: US President Donald Trump's "fake news" mantra.

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    Mirror, mirror who's the fairest PM of all?

    News, Veera Prateepchaikul, Published on 22/01/2018

    » Bangkok Poll, of the research centre of Bangkok University, reported over the weekend that the popularity rating of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has dropped to 36.8% from the 52.8% recorded in its opinion survey conducted in May last year.

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    A sad end to popular online comic strip Khai Maew

    News, Pirongrong Ramasoota, Published on 22/01/2018

    » Last Thursday, the Facebook page of the famous online political cartoon Khai Maew vanished from the social media site where it earlier had resided on Facebook as "cartooneggcat" for the past one year, eight months and three days. While the page's disappearance was sudden, the cause remains unclear.

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    Asean media under attack

    News, Editorial, Published on 22/01/2018

    » A free press is the key test of whether a nation has true freedom of speech. Across the region, every country is failing the test. In communist Vietnam and all the way to the resurgent army controllers in Myanmar, governments are arresting, imprisoning and strongly intimidating the media.

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    Time to lay inequality debate to rest

    News, Jason Furman, Published on 22/01/2018

    » The belief that inequality hurts economic growth is gaining currency among policymakers. Some argue forcefully that high levels of inequality can make sustained growth impossible, and may even contribute to recessions. This view stands in stark contrast to the traditional view that there is a trade-off between equality and growth, and that greater inequality is a price that must be paid for higher output.

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    The sound of life

    Life, Karnjana Karnjanatawe, Published on 22/01/2018

    » You may experience it once in your lifetime when you travel either by bus, train or aeroplane. While you're seated in your cramped seat and trying to rest, a baby passenger starts to cry. Minutes pass like hours and the baby doesn't stop crying.

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