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    US missile test could be conducted next weekend

    Published on 23/07/2017

    » KODIAK, Alaska (AP) -- The US will conduct as soon as next weekend another test of a missile defence system meant to counter threats from North Korea.


    NASA's Mars rover makes first test drive

    Terry Fredrickson, Published on 24/08/2012

    » NASA's Mars rover Curiosity on Wednesday made its first test drive, leaving wheel tracks near its landing spot – now dubbed "Bradbury Landing" in honor of late science fiction author Ray Bradbury.


    Twitter embed code test

    Published on 10/11/2016

    » Twitter embed code test

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    Putting traditional Chinese medicine to the test

    News, Adam Minter, Published on 17/09/2015

    » Toad skins and turtle shells aren't the cures most westerners turn to when they learn they've developed cancer. But in China, the market for traditional remedies like these grew 35% last year, twice as fast as the overall anti-cancer market. Though the effectiveness of these treatments is unproven, Western doctors, elite medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies are starting to put them to the scientific test.

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    New law jails breath test dodgers

    News, Post Reporters, Published on 02/01/2015

    » Jail and a heavy fine are now in the headlights of any driver who refuses a police directive to take a breath test — they will be assumed drunk and can be arrested and charged under a drink-driving law that has just been amended.


    John test. Please ignore

    Published on 19/08/2014

    » John test. Please ignore


    Em dash test by John. Please ignore

    Published on 17/04/2014

    » Em dash test by John. Please ignore


    Driving Test: Bangkok Edition

    Guru, Pornchai Sereemongkonpol, Published on 14/10/2016

    » In a bid to make the roads safer, the Department of Land Transport recently announced a plan to raise the pass mark from 90% to 100% on the multiple-choice driving exam. Soon you'll have to answer all 50 questions correctly to obtain a driving licence. Of course, people can appear responsible on paper but they can actually, in real life, be jerks on the road. But if that extra 10% somehow makes the roads 1% safer, don't you think it's worth our collective effort to strive for full marks? This new requirement is expected to be in effect next year so, in the meantime, you can take my very own driving exam to find out how responsible a driver you can be (or whether you should never be allowed on Bangkok's roads, for the sake of everyone else).


    Mini Khon Thai Test

    Guru, Pornchai Sereemongkonpol, Published on 26/08/2016

    » Army chief Gen Theerachai Nakvanich recently urged people to look out for anything suspicious in their communities in the wake of the recent bomb attacks, while adding new Thai characteristics to everybody's knowledge. He said, "Thai people don't wear hats or glasses in the mall. Carrying a backpack is also suspicious too."

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    High-tech cheats lead to RSU test re-do

    News, Dumrongkiat Mala, Published on 09/05/2016

    » Rangsit University (RSU) yesterday cancelled entrance exams for its College of Medicine and two other faculties after three students were found to have used hi-tech devices provided by a gang to cheat during the exams.

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