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    Soldier fired in 'self-defence' in Lahu death

    News, Post Reporters, Published on 21/03/2017

    » The Royal Thai Police (RTP) has insisted the extrajudicial killing of a Lahu activist, who they say was linked to drug trafficking, was carried out in self-defence.

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    Stressed soldier kills officers in Pattani

    Online Reporters, Published on 16/05/2014

    » A soldier believed suffering from stress shot dead two of his officers and wounded a third at the 4412nd paramilitary ranger company base in Ban Joh Kue Yae village of Tabing sub-district in Sai Buri district, Pattani.


    British soldier hacked to death in London terrorist attack (updated)

    Jon Fernquest, Published on 23/05/2013

    » On busy London street two men, one with a meat cleaver, cut head off of off-duty soldier and one delivers angry speech to people walking by. (morning update: Victim named, more arrests made, suspects identified)

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    Retired soldier slain, burned in Pattani

    Abdulloh Benjakat, Published on 21/05/2014

    » A military retiree was shot dead and burned when returning from morning exercise along a rural road in Ban Khao Sai village of Chang Hai Tok sub-district in Khok Pho district of the southern border province of Pattani on Wednesday morning.


    Sad story of disabled soldier

    Jon Fernquest, Published on 23/02/2012

    » With more than 4,300 killed in the South since 2004, bomb or gunshot injuries have disabled many more who often must rely on their family.

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    NSC deputy chief shunted to PM's Office

    Published on 23/07/2015

    » National Security Council deputy secretary-general Pongsakorn Rodchompoo has been unexpectedly transferred to an inactive post in the latest move to rid the agency of all influence of former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra.


    New and already under threat

    Terry Fredrickson, Published on 03/03/2011

    » Puntip Wisespongpand didn’t quite know what it was. It was a crab, that was for sure, but it was not a species she had seen before.


    The light dims in Hong Kong

    Asia focus, Anchalee Kongrut, Published on 16/10/2017

    » Like many Thais, I have always considered Hong Kong my favourite destination. Perhaps it's because I've long been a big fan of the soap operas and martial arts films from Shaw Brothers Film Studio that dominated our television sets and cinemas during the 1970s and '80s. Hong Kong in those days was the epitome of glitz, a unique, vibrant and advanced Asian city where Eastern and Western cultures melted together into an exciting blend.

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    Princess takes part in rehearsal

    News, Om Jotikasthira, Published on 16/10/2017

    » Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn yesterday took part in the second rehearsal for the processions of the late King's royal funeral ceremonies at Sanam Luang, which drew a large crowd of people who braved an overnight wait to observe the day-long event.


    A year of tears

    Life, Published on 13/10/2017

    » One year ago today, Thailand lost a great king, the moral and spiritual centre of the entire nation. Upon hearing the news, people sobbed on the bus, wept on the train, cried in the office. It's one of those rare moments in life that affected all of us in such a way that we remember exactly where we were and how we felt when the reality of what happened set in. One year on, we ask dozens of people from all walks of life about how they remember that fateful day.

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