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    Fire starters on the fringe

    Spectrum, Justin Heifetz, Published on 16/03/2014

    » Kai is ready to leave the rubbish dump where he lives — but not because he wants to.

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    Fight over the spoils leads to rights abuses

    Spectrum, Justin Heifetz, Published on 02/03/2014

    » On a humid July day in Shan state, a 12-year-old girl was playing under the monsoon rains falling over her tiny northern township of Ke See. The Myanmar army had been quietly building a presence there since 2009, after the government signed a deal with China to lay pipelines through the area to take oil and gas from the Rakhine basin in the west to Yunnan province. These pipelines, called the Shwe, would be a safe alternative to the strategically vulnerable Strait of Malacca — so the governments said.

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    Yes, we have no submarines

    Spectrum, Justin Heifetz, Published on 09/02/2014

    » As tensions rose last week between China and Japan over control of the South China Sea, the prospects of its impact on Thai waters and the preparedness of the country's navy to deal with it has been brought into question.

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    Divided fourth estate urges a third way

    Spectrum, Justin Heifetz, Published on 19/01/2014

    » Opinion is obviously divided within Thailand, but what is the rest of the world saying? Media opinion on the Bangkok Shutdown is also divided across the region.

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    Playing fast and loose with the juice

    Spectrum, Justin Heifetz, Published on 26/01/2014

    » Aziz "Zyzz" Shavershian was once Australia's No.1 online bodybuilding celebrity. He emigrated with his parents from Russia to Australia at an early age, and quickly developed an online cult following after touting the healthy lifestyle that allowed for his impeccably muscular body _ good nutrition, good training and an admiration for Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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    A life spent defying death

    Spectrum, Justin Heifetz, Published on 22/12/2013

    » Nine years ago, Mark Weingard ran to the roof of his Natai Beach home when the first tidal wave came towards Phangnga during the Boxing Day tsunami. The entrepreneur from Manchester was celebrating the holidays with his friends, and they were fortunate enough to have high enough ground to escape unharmed on a morning when about a quarter of a million people died. The sea ravaged most of his home _ save for the roof and in-built cinema _ and Natai Beach.

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    Getting inside the mind of a female paedophile

    Spectrum, Justin Heifetz, Published on 05/01/2014

    » When Alissa Nutting was writing her fiction hit Tampa, she couldn't help but feel like at any moment the police would come and arrest her. Spending every day inside the mind of her 26-year-old hypermanic, hypersexual paedophile protagonist _ English teacher Celeste Price _ began to take its toll.

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    Bad medicine and sick system take their toll

    Spectrum, Justin Heifetz, Published on 01/12/2013

    » Naw Mu Htoo is constantly leaking urine. A gentle 16-year-old, she's already had a stillbirth and moves by wheelchair _ if she moves at all. She can't stand, or her catheter pulls out.

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    Moderate, for the most part

    Spectrum, Justin Heifetz, Published on 08/12/2013

    » Despite an outcry over methods of crowd control through a heated week of political protests on the streets of Bangkok, experts and analysts say the Yingluck administration has exercised restraint in its riot-control methods.

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    When the mob mentality takes over

    Spectrum, Justin Heifetz, Published on 15/12/2013

    » Is hatred of one man _ even if it is Thaksin Shinawatra _ enough to justify a rebellion of the country's middle class, who some experts say have no other real cause than that hate?

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