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    I just called to say I'm locked up

    Spectrum, Frank Lombard, Published on 20/05/2012

    » Let's call him Bait. He's a Thai man in his early 30s who recently served five years at Khlong Prem Prison in Bangkok on a narcotics charge. Bait left prison before the floods of November 2011. He says that in his prison zone everyone had access to a mobile phone. About one-third of prisoners owned one, he says, while the rest shared. Bait said both convicts and prison staff knew exactly what was going on, and that officials controlled the supply of mobile phones in the prison and ignored their use.

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    Hopes few for slum dwellers drowning in 'ocean of meth'

    Spectrum, Frank Lombard, Published on 29/04/2012

    » The police tend to call communities with substandard housing "red zones", while others call them slums. There are over 400 in Bangkok. One thing nearly all have in common is that they are saturated with amphetamines. Ask residents and they will tell you that most everyone except the very young and very old is on ya ba. Yes, there are some who abstain and no one gives them any problems.

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