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    What's trending and happening this week

    Muse, Duangphat Sitthipat, Published on 06/02/2016

    » 1 If you are a fan of Japanese films, be sure to secure some time for yourself next week. From Feb 11-14, the Japan Foundation Bangkok invites you to see nine selected romantic films at the Japanese Film Festival 2016 at SF World Cinema, just in time for Valentine’s Day. As Japanese films don’t get screened much in the country these days, this is a rare chance. The list includes Love & Peace, Beyond The Memories, My Pretend Girlfriend, Be Sure To Share, It All Began When I Met You, Jinx!!!, Poison Berry In My Brain, Kin Kyori Renai and Three Stories Of Love.


    What's trending and happening this week

    Muse, Duangphat Sitthipat, Published on 13/02/2016

    » 1 Would sitting in on a talk for half-a-day make you appreciate the intricacy of world literature? Unlikely. But when you have a master in the field talk about the subject, you know it’s more interesting than ever. On Feb 15, you are invited to attend an exclusive talk with David Damrosch, chair of Department of Comparative Literature and director of Institute for World Literature, Harvard University. Damrosch is the author of famous books, including What Is World Literature? (2003) and How To Read World Literature (2008). David Damrosch’s Public Lecture World Literature, National Markets is being held at Maha Chulalongkorn (Room 105) at Chulalongkorn University. Free admission.


    What's trending and happening this week

    Muse, Duangphat Sitthipat, Published on 23/01/2016

    » 1 Considering the number of times we crossed paths with Snoopy and Charlie Browns towards the end of last year, from the burger to the blockbuster celebrating the 65th anniversary of cuteness, it seems we were being given huge clues as to the theme of 2016. So it’s no surprise to see the release of Bata Tennis Featuring Peanuts shoes, white low-cut sneakers with prints of Peanuts’ characters, perfect for casual wear. The limited edition goes on sale at the pop-up store in Siam Center on Jan 29-30 from 10am. Be sure to get there early because Thailand’s Bata only secured a quota of 200 pairs.


    Gardeners’ world

    Muse, Duangphat Sitthipat, Published on 02/01/2016

    » Slowly close your eyes and imagine yourself getting lost in a tranquil space bathed under shafts of warm, afternoon sunlight shining through the thick, healthy foliage of surrounding trees. A couple of iridescent butterflies flutter their wings across an array of flowers and shrubs. You are free to walk around, read your favourite book, or take a siesta. The world feels like it’s stopped spinning.


    Explore new worlds

    Muse, Duangphat Sitthipat, Published on 28/11/2015

    » Whatever word you are fond of using to describe yourself as a victim of your own wanderlust, be it “traveller”, “globetrotter”, or “vacationer”, there is one thing in common — travelling makes us alive and being alive makes us want to travel more.


    Health revolution

    Muse, Duangphat Sitthipat, Published on 07/11/2015

    » Every Sunday, the entrance to Sukhumvit 49 is teeming with people, mostly foreigners, lining up for a table in front of the new restaurant that carries a strange name — Broccoli Revolution.


    Jamie’s recipe for perfect health

    Muse, Duangphat Sitthipat, Published on 24/10/2015

    » People become great cooks for a reason. Some have training from prestigious culinary schools, or are born with talent or an outstanding palate. Others inherit the skills from their parents who have their own secret recipes, or are able to cook because they can follow cookbooks.


    Band of Sisters

    Muse, Duangphat Sitthipat, Published on 26/09/2015

    » Not everyone knows the band Yellow Fang, an indie trio that features all female members lithely playing rock instruments along with their drifting vocals. The group has however been gaining steam in Thailand for a while and is also on the horizon of the indie music spheres of Southeast Asia and Japan.


    Bathroom reading

    Muse, Duangphat Sitthipat, Published on 03/10/2015

    » A bathroom is the most awesome room in the house, don’t you agree? Anything, I mean, anything can happen in this humid room, from studying the ingredients of your toothpaste to studying for exams. With a smartphone in your palm or a laptop on your lap, it’s the place where you can sit on the toilet for hours like it’s the most comfortable sitting place on Earth.


    Decisions, decisions

    Muse, Duangphat Sitthipat, Published on 15/08/2015

    » One thing in this world that cannot be counted are books. And one ugly truth for all the bookworms out there is that no matter how fast or passionately they read, they are not going to be able to read every book in the world. So why not trust a guidebook that makes selecting a good book a whole lot easier?

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