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    Back to School

    Muse, Published on 22/05/2010

    » It's school time! If the situation in Bangkok returns to normal, we will start to see children in uniform around the city in the next few days. To celebrate the importance of educational institutions, `Muse' asked last week what you dislike most about your schooling experience _ in the past if you're now a working person or in the present if you're still a student _ and why? What kind of changes would you like to see at schools? Here are your answers!


    When the media Sees Red

    Muse, Published on 20/03/2010

    » With the red-shirted UDDs on the move, the local newspapers have been covering, and covered in, stories of security measures and the movements of the mob. As the situation looks unlikely to be quickly resolved, some people have been put off by the political and, of course, media channels through which we receive news of our troubled society on a daily basis. 'Muse' asked you last week, during this time when we're not sure of what we read in the newspaper or see on television, what kind of news you want to receive from the media: print, radio or television? Here are your answers!

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