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    Bluelight Filter

    Muse, Sukhumaporn Laiyok, Published on 19/04/2014

    » It’s a known fact that prolonged exposure to blue light emitted by electronic devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones can cause eye strain. This is particularly true when using the devices at night and it can adversely affect sleep.

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    Back To Home

    Muse, Sukhumaporn Laiyok, Published on 29/03/2014

    » Cases of child kidnapping and abuse in Thailand often make newspaper headlines. The case of six-year-old Nong Cartoon who disappeared early this year after her father took her to a concert near Soi La Salle in Bangkok was one example.


    Prevent a cat-astrophe

    Muse, Sukhumaporn Laiyok, Published on 05/04/2014

    » Looking for furry friends? Cats can be good companions either in a cosy apartment or for a busy family. Cats don’t want a daily walk and most tolerate being left alone for long periods of time. But these self-sufficient animals need more than a bowl of food and a comfortable lap on demand.

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    Open Rice Thailand

    Muse, Sukhumaporn Laiyok, Published on 15/03/2014

    » You’ve decided to treat yourself by dining out rather than cooking a meal at home, but are having problems choosing where to eat. Or you’ve selected the restaurant, but need to check its menu or whether it’s open on Mondays or some other important detail. That is when Open Rice Thailand comes in very handy.


    Easy Asean

    Muse, Sukhumaporn Laiyok, Published on 28/02/2014

    » Mingalaba. This is how people greet one another in Myanmar. And do you have any idea how to say hello in Tagalog?


    Putting Coke

    Muse, Sukhumaporn Laiyok, Published on 01/02/2014

    » Who said Coca-Cola was only good for quenching thirst? In fact, the popular carbonated drink can also serve as a unique ingredient for cooking and baking.

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    Bangkok transport

    Muse, Sukhumaporn Laiyok, Published on 08/02/2014

    » Getting around Bangkok in private cars, especially during rush hour, is simply a real headache. So when it comes to relying on public transportation, an application called Bangkok Transport can be of great help.


    Oriental palate pleasers

    Muse, Sukhumaporn Laiyok, Published on 18/01/2014

    » Noodles are usually fun to prepare and welcome fare no matter what the occasion. A highly functional ingredient, they can be used to whip up a very fast, on-the-go snack, make the base for simple family meals like stewed pork, or star in much more elegant repasts. And you will find recipes in this wonderful book for dishes that fall into all the aforementioned categories.

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    Muse, Sukhumaporn Laiyok, Published on 18/01/2014

    » A large number of Bangkok residents have been worried about getting around the city due to traffic congestion caused by the anti-government "shutdown" campaign. The Traffoid application can offer solutions.


    Shaken, stirred and every way in between

    Muse, Sukhumaporn Laiyok, Published on 28/12/2013

    » No party would be complete without tasty cocktails.

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