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    Project 50: LA homeless given places to live

    Muse, Chet Chetchotisak, Published on 25/09/2010

    » Two years ago, reporter Christopher Goffard and photographer Genaro Molina from the Los Angeles Times decided to see what would happen if they gave 50 homeless people, who were at risk of dying on the streets of downtown L.A., places to live.

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    Smells like Old Spice

    Muse, Chet Chetchotisak, Published on 21/08/2010

    » In case you haven't heard of Old Spice, they do men's products such as shaving soap and aftershave lotion. They started with a classic original scent in white glass bottles before changing to red plastic, branching out as deodorant sticks, body washes and sprays in several scents. Their shower gel is accompanied by the slogan "The original. If your grandfather hadn't worn it, you wouldn't exist." And whether you want to smell like Old Spice or not doesn't matter. The commercial for the brand, "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like", is nevertheless awesome. Yes, I'm talking about the famous, 10-million-views-plus series of commercials on YouTube. The commercials were done creatively with flawless use of sets and backdrops. The catchy whistle play goes well with the clip.

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    How to tie a tie

    Muse, Chet Chetchotisak, Published on 26/06/2010

    » You'd be amazed how many grown men actually don't know how to tie a tie. You (your man, we mean) may very well be the one I'm talking about - admit it! Youtube has made life easier for everyone once again, with a video, "How to Tie a Tie - Expert Instructions", which has drawn over 4.5 million views so far.

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    book marks

    Muse, Chet Chetchotisak, Published on 17/07/2010

    » Got time?

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