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    The write stuff

    Muse, Samila Wenin, Published on 30/03/2013

    » Sulada Limpichart never wanted to work in fashion, not in the least, although there's no way you could imagine her working in any other business after seeing her immaculate look.


    Best of the in-betweeners

    Muse, Samila Wenin, Published on 22/12/2012

    » A renowned local fashion critic once said, of all fashion collections, resortwear is one that's worth the investment, especially for those who care less about flashing recognisable seasonal items than filling their wardrobe with quality clothes that last for seasons to come. Launched originally as an inter-season collection for jet-setters who need light and functional clothes for their Christmas holidays, resortwear has become a pivotal tool in both keeping inventories fresh to lure customers, and giving fans and media a glimpse of what to come in spring.


    There by the grace of art

    Muse, Samila Wenin, Published on 12/01/2013

    » Like her mentor, the father of Thai modern art Professor Silpa Bhirasri, Lawan Upa-in is as much a teacher through and through as she is an artist. Struggling with a way to have a nuanced conversation with a stranger she's just met, she finally gave in to her "habit", asking if she could just address herself as khru (teacher).


    Hollywood in the palm of her hand

    Muse, Samila Wenin, Published on 10/11/2012

    » Teresa Palmer has a habit of shrieking in a high pitch when she gets emotional, followed by mischievous giggles like a teenage girl - a normal teenage girl and not the Hollywood star-in-the-making whose acting career is enveloped in anything from intense dramas to big-budget sci-fi to comedies. In fact, anything but teenage catfights and high school romcoms, you could say.


    Iconoclastic chic

    Muse, Samila Wenin, Published on 17/11/2012

    » One of the top names in fashion with an artistic flair that never fails to delight fans, Jimmy Choo is launching its special collaborative capsule collection once again this year. And it looks to be one of the wildest takes, literally and metaphorically.


    Buying from the ladies counter

    Muse, Samila Wenin, Published on 24/11/2012

    » Of course there's a chance that men would feel intimidated by the innumerable counters in a department store's beauty section. It could be mind-numbing and outrageously off-putting to venture through those colourful displays of eyeshadows and blushers to find his own black bottle of facial moisturiser, oftentimes hidden on a little shelf of a beauty brand.


    A gentleman's resort

    Muse, Samila Wenin, Published on 24/11/2012

    » There it was, the famous London plane tree aged hundreds of years, stretching its branches to offer shade to visitors and familiar faces relaxing in a small courtyard of a house once owned by the Duke of Westminster.


    Glimpses of Italian style

    Muse, Samila Wenin, Published on 24/11/2012

    » All the fashion capitals of the world have a style of their own - the seemingly effortless chic of Parisians, the impeccable cool exhibited by New Yorkers and the quirky street fashions of ever-swinging London.


    Ballad of the Baguette

    Muse, Samila Wenin, Published on 27/10/2012

    » Like the way it's created, and the person who created it, the Fendi Baguette signifies the revolutionary spirit of fashion.


    Roman splendour

    Muse, Samila Wenin, Published on 08/09/2012

    » When it comes to five- or six-digit price tags for a handbag, those purse connoisseurs know there's much more to it than just a brand name, although that might not be the case of the average brandname consumer.

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