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    Bringing light to a dark city

    Life, Dr Atch Sreshthaputra, Published on 02/08/2012

    » The tropical monsoon season has come to Thailand after an intolerably hot summer during which air conditioners were pushed to their limits. The heat was due in part to roofs that do not have enough insulation or are painted in dark colours _ perhaps to conceal dirt.


    Without a plan a city Sinks

    Life, Dr Atch Sreshthaputra, Published on 07/06/2012

    » The hot and dry season is now over. With storms coming every other evening, Bangkokians will have to tolerate not only a hot and humid climate, but also terrible traffic caused by temporary street flooding.


    Building our future

    Life, Dr Atch Sreshthaputra, Published on 03/05/2012

    » !The immense heat is still bringing more discomfort to Bangkok with daytime temperatures staying above 35C for more than a month, while the seasonal rain has yet to come to cool down the city. The Songkran festival has already been and gone but many would welcome it back again right now. Currently many of us are realising that air-conditioners can't bring enough cool air for our houses as the outdoor temperatures might be reaching a point where the units are incapable of functioning.

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