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    A light-hearted moment

    Life, Yingyong Un-anongrak, Published on 31/07/2012

    » As the boxing trainer agreed to a photograph and began to pose formidably in front of me in the gym, I managed to take only two shots. He looked cool with his well-built body, lean muscles and dragon tattoo crawling from his shoulder to his right elbow.


    Room with a view

    Life, Yingyong Un-anongrak, Published on 03/07/2012

    » The three men who took refuge at Sanam Luang were in deep sleep, probably after a long day's tough work. They were among the countless number of vagabonds who had travelled far from home and family to search for jobs in the capital, and Sanam Luang was an ideal home away from home.


    At peace with oneself

    Life, Yingyong Un-anongrak, Published on 08/05/2012

    » It was one of the very few times for me to join a meditation session. It was at Wat Mab Chan in Klaeng district, Rayong province. When it opened in 1984 it was a monastery in the middle of nowhere, but now it has become a popular place for faithful followers to practise vipassana. The ubosot [ordination hall] is neatly and beautifully decorated. The hall is home to the main Buddha statue with Nagaraja (protected by the Naga Mucilinda) mounted on a huge base.


    Walking meditation

    Life, Yingyong Un-anongrak, Published on 05/06/2012

    » We celebrated Visakha Bucha Day yesterday but I hope it's not too late to talk about religion in this column.


    Looking into his future

    Life, Yingyong Un-anongrak, Published on 03/04/2012

    » Being born on Thai soil makes a child automatically eligible to receive a formal education here. These Thai-born ethnic-Myanmar children live with their migrant parents who moved to Mae Sot district in Tak province to earn a living. The adults have a very tough life. Their children will have to become literate in Thai, a skill which will not only make their day-to-day lives easier, but should also pave the way for a more secure future should they decide to stay in their adopted country.


    Stick-y experience

    Life, Yingyong Un-anongrak, Published on 06/03/2012

    » A few weeks ago, I had a chance to visit Ayutthaya province with my family. It's good to see the flood-ravaged province has recovered from last year's disaster. Traces of damage can still be seen at some historical places, but many seem to have returned to normal.


    Enviable Equilibrium

    Life, Yingyong Un-anongrak, Published on 07/02/2012

    » As I was trying to take a shot of this man working in the Mae Klong delta in Samut Songkhram province, I learned something new: extracting fish from a river is a lot harder than picking them up in the market; to be successful, one needs to have a very good sense of balance and be adept at throwing a net.

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