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    Fine design

    Life, Tammarin Dejsupa, Published on 18/07/2013

    » From the display of immaculate blood-red shoes, with Frank Sinatra striking a tranquil tone in the background, to the kaleidoscope of stilettos and heels and desirable handbags, the "Made in Italy: A Hundred Years of Italian Shoes & Bags Exhibition" is a show to wow even the least fashion-conscious.


    Let your voice be heard

    Life, Tammarin Dejsupa, Published on 25/07/2013

    » After years as a singing teacher and having warbled through a series of top-notch coaches and competitions, I feel the urge to finally share the world of singing with others.


    The semi-retiring type

    Life, Tammarin Dejsupa, Published on 18/06/2013

    » 'I've never had so many photos taken of me before," exclaims former Mead Johnson Nutrition CEO Stephen Golsby with a chuckle as he repositions himself with an air of compliance while a photographer snaps away. Given his status as a retiring CEO, you'd think he'd be used to this. Perhaps it is exactly this humble demeanour, coupled with his leadership and managerial qualities, that have led to phenomenal success at the helm of a major international company.


    Me, myself and I

    Life, Tammarin Dejsupa, Published on 19/06/2013

    » The summer has rolled in with a quiet tremor. I have yet to adjust my alarm clock. Slothing through my morning routine, I quickly scrolled through the recent uploads on Instagram.


    Put some glitter in your life

    Life, Tammarin Dejsupa, Published on 28/06/2013

    » It's only fitting that the Gemology Institute of America (GIA) Thailand mark its 20th anniversary with a special visit from world-class jeweller James W. Currens, who has crafted beautiful pieces for a number of luxury brands, including Cartier, Tiffany, Bulgari, Van Cleef & Arpels and Chopard.

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